Friday, December 28, 2012

Website Updates

Hello all.  Just a quick note to let you all know I'm doing a little bit of tweaking to the site.  I'd like to try to get pictures up for our past review lists, but Blogger is making it crazy difficult to get everything to line up nice and tidy.  I'm doing my best to make sure it looks great, but if something seems off or if there are any problems with the links, please email and let me know.  I'm trying to get this done amist two screaming children on a sugar high, so I'm not sure how fast I'll get this finished.  Please be patient, and I'm hoping that when I'm done, it will be easier to browse our selection and see what we have.  I love drooling over the book covers, and I know you all do to.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.  Everybody have a safe and happy New Years!


P.S.  I've started with the Contemporary Reviews, and I'm putting both romance and erotica in there, but listed separate.  It's still incomplete and isn't quite the way I want it, but as it's one a.m. and I have to work in the morning, it can wait.  :)  Goodnight all.

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