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Review: Two Masters for Alex Author: Claire Thompson

Review: Two Masters for Alex

Author: Claire Thompson

ISBN: 1419960458

Publisher: Romance Unbound

Genre: Erotica BDSM

Format: eBook

Price: $5.95

When Liam and Daniel began searching to add a third to their Master and submissive relationship, they got a surprise when they responded to Alex Stewart's add.  They were very comfortable in their relationship as lovers and M/s, but Liam noticed some dominating traits in Daniel.  So, Liam decided to allow Daniel to explore this more with a submissive of his own. After reading ad upon ad, Liam found a potential candidate for Daniel and arranged for a face-to-face interview. Upon opening the door, Daniel stood stunned at a petite, blonde haired female on his doorstep.

Alex, short for Alexandra, was unsure of the response she was receiving. Not realizing that by placing an ad in a gay, fetish magazine, that the interested parties would be expecting a man, not a woman. She thought that by submitting to a gay man that her heart would be safe, that was until she met these two. Alex is always used to getting her own way in many areas of her life. After a promising interview, it is decided that Alex would come and stay with them for a week trial and if all went well she would move in with Liam and Daniel. The men felt assured that by selecting a woman it would not interfere with their love for each other. They were not prepared for Alex and what her presence would do to their very stable home.

This was an amazing story.  It showed the difficulty that members of this lifestyle can encounter as they evolve. None of them truly knew what to expect when Alex rang their doorbell.  Daniel went from submissive to switch and this story showed the struggles that can arise with this role. Poor Alex, she really struggled, but it was a fairly honest look at how a new submissive stumbles as she learns her place.  Liam, I absolutely loved this man. He ruled his submissive, but let him find his way as a new Dom. The emotions ran high in this book which made me love it all the more.

Michele gives this book

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