Saturday, December 29, 2012

Review: Style Me Sexy Author: Tara Chevrestt

Review: Style Me Sexy
Author: Tara Chevrestt
Publisher: Whispers Publishing
ISBN: Not assigned
Genre: Moderne Romance
Format: eBook
Price: $1.95

As Bridget Langston walked into Mane Modifying to get ready for her date with Javier, she noticed that Deborah her usual stylist was nowhere to be seen. It wasn’t a blind date since they had spoken online regularly over the past month, but this was their first face to face and she had to look her best. The gorgeous guy at the front desk informed her that Deborah had an emergency, or she could see one of the other stylist with a discount for her inconvenience.  She opted for someone different and hoped they didn’t mess her hair up.  So with that decision, the sexy man at the front desk stood up and directed her to his chair.  Bridget had always thought that he was gay…hot, but gay.

Javier had seen her every month, but watched from afar. He always thought she was beautiful despite how she saw herself.  After a little convincing, he had her allowing him to do as he wanted, but as she saw her hair falling she started rethinking that decision. Too late now! She really was amazing, but he had a date himself that night and really wanted to give it a chance.  He really loved his job making woman feel beautiful, and Bridget didn’t need that much help. After a little cut, color and lip gloss, she truly felt amazing and couldn’t wait for her date. Javier would not take any money, her response to her new look was payment enough.    
As she walked to the bar, Bridget knew to look for a red carnation and there he was…..Javier? Shocked and delighted, Bridget didn’t understand. Diego…Javier? He quickly revealed that at the salon he used his middle name when he sensed her confusion. Despite never seeing each other, they did know one another and he knew how to make her feel beautiful inside and out.

At 30 pages, this was a fun read that shows us that as woman beauty inspires confidence and that is what attracts men.  A definite positive read for ladies with a contemporary story line that love first found online can truly develop into something more. 

Michele gives this book

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