Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Review: Sacred Secrets by Roxy Harte

Sacred Secrets (Chronicles of Surrender #1)
by: Roxy Harte
$7.99 ebook
Ellora's Cave
Contemporary Erotica / BDSM
Released: May 2012


Celia enjoys her job as a writer for the local BDSM magazine.  When her boss gives her the chance to write an insider exposé and advance her career, she jumps at the opportunity.  Turns out, she'll be auctioning herself off as a slave for thirty days.  Doesn't sound so hard, until she realizes who just bought her.  Garrett is the owner of the BDSM club Celia's trying to get a story on, and he's also gay.  She doesn't understand why he bought her, but she does know that every firm command, every crack of the whip stirs her dark urges she's tried so hard to bury.  But despite their chemistry together, she's not sure she can ever compete with the memory of Garrett's old lover, murdered five years ago.  As the days go on, she begins to realize how harmful her deception will be if Garrett ever finds out, but when she realizes the killer's not above using her to get to Garrett, her deception is the least of her concerns.

This story explores the darker elements of BDSM.  I've only read a handful, and this one follows the more emotional aspects of the lifestyle, and the people who embrace it.  Celia is running from her past, and trying to deny the darker urges of her soul.  When Garrett buys her, she's allowed to explore them, and finds a freedom with him unlike anything she's ever known.  But it's also frightening, and she must embrace her fear is she wants to be truly free.  Garrett is also battling his demons.  His dead lover's killer is stalking him, and along with that threat he now must come to terms his attraction to Celia, and the sense of peace he feels as he masters her.  Honestly, some of the scenes in this book were a bit too dark for my tastes, but it did give me that soul-searching feeling I get every time I pick up a BDSM novel, and I spent a couple sleepless nights finishing the book.

Carla gives this book a

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