Saturday, December 29, 2012

Review: Rise of the Dom By: Breanna Zinn

Review: Rise of the Dom
By: Breanna Zinn
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419941252
Genre: BDSM, horror
Format: eBook
Price: $5.20

Emma Sutherland had settled into her new life with a new job, new home and a Master who wanted more than just a relationship in the dungeon, but fear held her back.  Chet Crosby took whatever Emma would offer in hopes that one day it could be more.  So when strange things begin to happen in her home, she dismisses them at first, but things become more physical and dangerous.  Evil lurks within the walls of Emma’s home and it feels that she must be punished.

Chet will not allow anything hurt Emma, whether it is of this world or the next, but will he make it in time before it is too late?

This was truly a creepy little read.  It was definitely not what I was expecting, it was more.  At 79 pages, the author packed in a lot of suspense and kept the story flowing right to the bitter sweet end.

Michele gives this book

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