Thursday, December 6, 2012

Review: Rescue by Ruin by Tina Christopher

Rescue by Ruin
by: Tina Christopher
$5.20 ebook
Ellora's Cave
Historical Steampunk Erotica
Released: November 2012


Beatrice has been promised to a violent man, and she fears she won't live past her first year if the marriage becomes official.  Deciding that ruining her reputation is the only way to keep her safe, she attends a ball on a dirigible known for its lewd and openly sexual ways.  Once there, she sees Vaughn, the man she once loved but left her years ago without a word.  Since she's hidden behind a mask, she decides to set her shyness aside and seduce him, deciding that although she can never have him, at least for one night she'll know the pleasures of his body. 

But when her future husband shows up on the airship, it becomes a race for their lives, for her fiancee has a darker past than even she can guess, and he'd like nothing more to see Beatrice and Vaughn dead.

This book shows how far desperation will push people, and the lengths they're willing to go to in order to stay safe.  Beatrice's mom is forcing the marriage, despite the rough handling Beatrice has already received from her soon to be beau.  She knows ruining her reputation will force her into a quiet life alone in the country, but at least she'd be alive.  And when she comes across Vaughn, the man she thought she'd marry years ago, she's glad to have found somebody she cares about to ruin her reputation with.  There are a lot of back and forth emotions, and working through old pains, as well as dealing with new ones.  Add to that a breathtaking air chase and lots of steamy sex, and you have the recipe for a great book.

Carla gives this book a

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