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Review: Red House Author: Sonya Clark

Review: Red House
Author: Sonya Clark
ISBN:  9781616504250
Publisher:  Lyrical Press
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format:  e-book
Price: $4.99

There's high water everywhere and she's about to drown on dry land.

Roxie Mathis has lost her home and her livelihood to a devastating flood. She knows she's lucky to be staying with her vampire ancestor Daniel but she wants to put the pieces of her life back together. Trouble is Roxie's lost her mojo. The trauma of almost drowning and losing her home has left a deep mark on her.

Blake Harvill left a mark on her too and she's been missing him in the four months since he left town. Now he's back with plans to stay. Roxie wants him like she's never wanted anyone else but can she trust the sexy sorcerer with her guarded heart?

Hired to evict ghosts from a bed and breakfast called Maple Hill, her confidence takes another hit when she encounters a violent spirit she's crossed paths with in the past. When the spirit traps innocent people in the house, Roxie's going to have to tap reservoirs of magic she's never touched before.  In magic, like physics, everything has an equal and opposite reaction, and Roxie can only hope her desperate spell work won't kill her - or conjure up something even more dangerous.

Red House is book 2 in Sonya Clark’s Mojo Series and unfortunately I didn’t read Mojo Queen first. I just jumped into reading Red House.  While Red House is written well enough to be read as a stand alone, I would recommend that readers read Mojo Queen first.  

I enjoyed the characters in this novel and I especially enjoyed the bantering between them.   Sonya gives a reader great feeling and visualization of magic and builds the suspense in the story of the mystery of the spirit at the bed and breakfast and the relationship between Roxie and Blake.  If you love magic, mystery, romance and enjoy chuckling to yourself while reading, then I would recommend this book.  I think everyone should have a cousin Daniel.

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to read and review Red House! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.