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Review: Lion Hearted: Book One of the Divination Falls Trilogy Author: Sommer Marsden

Review: Lion Hearted: Book One of the Divination Falls Trilogy
Author: Sommer Marsden
Publisher: Xcite Books Ltd
ISBN: 9781909335585
Genre: M/M, shapeshifter
Format: ebook
Price: $2.99

Drowning his emotions in whiskey, Tryg could not wait to get his next mission as pride enforcer under way and get away from those who did not agree with his personal choices. Like a rubber band twisted one too many times, he choked on his words as he turned to tell the guy off that bumped into him at the bar.  He was not prepared to feel what he did when his eyes locked with an amazing pair of bright blue eyes filled with fear. A tingle of attraction raced through his body, but Tryg just wanted to get out of that bar and away from the guys who had helped his pride in the decision to send him packing. Fighting the urge to shift to his lion form, Tryg again felt that tingle as a hand touched his shoulder and a single word whispered caused his body to relax.

Luke had definitely stepped into the lion’s den.  What was he thinking stopping a lion mid shift? He ‘felt’ what Tryg was feeling and wanted to help. As the talked over whiskey and nachos, Tryg’s attraction to Luke caught him off guard. Luke explained that he was an empath and “felt” the rage building in Tryg as if it was his own, but much stronger than he had ever encountered. Tryg, in return, felt possessiveness and attraction for the kid that sat across the table from him which compounded when talk turned to that of Luke being a wanderer due to a bad home.  Again, Tryg did something he never thought he would. He offered to take him on his mission in the morning, but not before they spent the night together. (Lots of hot man lovin taking place here J)

As one of the pride’s enforcers, Tryg’s mission is to find a missing young girl, Abigail, who will be turning eighteen and would be shifting for the first time. It’s a magical time for members of his pride. He explained to Luke that some cults prefer to use fresh shifter blood during certain phases of the moon and was just waiting for the official order to go hunt her down.  The order is given and the men take to her last know location so Tryg can get a smell of the area. The ante is upped…two girls are missing.  In his lion form, his senses are fine-tuned, but that means he has to shift in front of Luke. He senses Tryg’s anxiety about this and blindfolds himself to prove his trust. 

Tryg and Luke follow the trail of abduction to Divination Falls, a mystical and powerful town that draws shifters and seers where nothing is as it seems. Tryg learns so much about himself on this mission like what he wants, what he is willing to fight for and what he will kill to protect.

I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait for the next installment of the trilogy. The mystery of the abduction and the plot twist kept me flipping pages, guessing to the very end.  Tryg and Luke were great characters to sit back and watch their relationship evolved.  These two were so easy to love.  Non-judgmental. Pure. The sex was intense from primal to slow and intimate. Tryg’s feelings of not deserving love and Luke’s open heart allow love to heal what others have condemned. They sensed what the other needed and give it all. Love is love. It knows no bounds. The legend of finding ones soul mate, or Lion Heart was the perfect ribbon to tie these two together.

Great job Sommer, now, please hurry with the next book.

Michele gives this book 

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