Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Review: An Infamous Marriage by Susanna Fraser

An Infamous Marriage
by: Susanna Fraser
$5.99 ebook
Carina Press
Historical Romance
Released: November 2012


Jack never planned on marrying, but a promise made to a dying friend found him suddenly married to a shy, plain woman.  Leaving the marriage unconsummated, he puts her in charge of his estate, then leaves to fight in the war.  Five years pass of exchanging impersonal letters leaves Jack no closer to knowing anything about his wife.  When the war ends, he heads home, intending to finally get to know his bride, and hopefully start a family.  But instead of the quiet woman he left, he finds a fiery beauty who is unafraid to tell him exactly what she thinks of him. 

Elizabeth didn't want to marry Jack, but circumstances left her no choice.  She knew their marriage was in name only, and didn't expect him to be faithful to her.  But him flaunting his affairs has made her the pity and scorn of everyone in town, and she's furious at him for causing her pain, however unintentionally.  Determined to resist him until he earns her forgiveness, she's unprepared for the desire he stirs in her.  But can she ever learn to trust a man who broke her heart before he ever won it?

This was a story of two people who didn't want to be married to each other, and tried to make the most of it.  Jack comes off as kind of a jerk at first because of his attitude about his new wife, but he eventually becomes more likeable when he takes the time to get to know Elizabeth.  You feel so bad for Elizabeth in the beginning, but get to see her grow into a confident, mature woman able to face anything.  There were a couple of rather predictable parts to the story, and I kind of glossed over the history parts (they weren't written badly, but I just don't like history).  Otherwise, it was a sweet love story about two people who were forced together by circumstance, and ended up finding something amazing together.

Carla gives this book a

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