Monday, December 3, 2012

Review: Eyes of Darkness Book 11: Black Velvet, Silver Heat by Christy Poff

Review: Eyes of Darkness Book 11: Black Velvet, Silver Heat
Author: Christy Poff
ISBN:  978-1-61160-187-9
Publisher: Torrid Books
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: eBook
Price: $5.99

Best-selling romance author, Tamara Corvis stepped off the airplane in Morocco unaware that her world was about to change.  As she relaxed in her hotel room, she noticed sudden changes in her appearance that she never noticed before. Hair, eyes, skin, even her body was even more curvaceous.  Her skin tingled as if charged with electricity as she suppressed an urge to run free. Tamara was not the only one to noticed very specific changes in her appearance that only confirmed their suspicions.

Ali Elias had searched for her the world over and now he found her, the legendary Silver Queen and he would have her.  Kidnapped Tamara found herself questioning everything that was said to her. Supposedly, she was the Silver Queen on the Lycanthropy world where people feared her wrath bowed to her. She was part of a plan to rule the werewolf breed, but she had other plans thanks to the help of someone she had not met yet.  

Marc-Andre Branford, a hockey loving Canadian that just so happens to be a werewolf that connects psychically with his mate in the middle of a game.  Legend spoke of forming a bond with your destined mate sight unseen and luck would have it that's what happened. Now, he just had to find her. Rescue mission planned. Via their psychic connection, they are able to communicate and forge their bond as he tells her of her destiny.

Tamara and Marc-Andre both suffered at the hands of Ali before they were free, but he would not give up so easily on recapturing the queen.  She begins to understand her role in the community and just how important she is to them.  With Marc-Andre by her side, she shifts for the first time and experiences the freedom she only dreamed about.  Her love for Marc-Andre grows daily climaxing with the ultimate act of love.

This was a great shifter story with enough twists to keep it interesting. Tamara and Marc-Andre are a smoking hot, sex couple who love to get their freak on. Besides, who doesn’t love a man who utters French terms of endearment in your ear? The book leaves off with the potential for a sequel that I would enjoy sinking my teeth into.

Michele gives this book

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