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Review: Essence of Time, Stewart Realty Book 4 Author: Liz Crowe

Review: Essence of Time, Stewart Realty Book 4
Author: Liz Crowe
ISBN: 978-0-9569669-2-6
Publisher: Tri Destiny Publishing
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Format: Ebook/Paperback
Price: $5.49/$14.99

OH MY GOD! I absolutely LOVED this book, I’ve really enjoyed the whole series so far but this one is by far now my favorite, although I have 2 more to go.  FINALLY, we get all the background details into the other stories surrounding Sara & Jack.

 Book 4 leaves the focus of Sara & Jack’s drama and turns to their friends and family.  Like book 3 it spans over a decade and we get a gripping look at how each character came to be the way they are in the previous books.  We get all the deets on how the various friendships developed, on how Suzanne and Blake meet, and that leads to Rob and Blake meeting.  With all these insights into all the characters, if you weren’t sucked into this series before, you are sure to be now, it’s impossible not to be.

 Essence of Time is uniquely planned out, set up like 4 novella’s in 1 fantastic amazing book.  The first 8 Chapters are all about getting to know Rob from the time him and Jack meet in college to his first encounter with Blake.  The next 8 Chapters are getting to know Blake and go all the way through his and Suzanne’s break up which eventually leads to the next section of the book which is the development of Rob and Blake’s relationship.  Enter the lovely Lila who we were briefly introduced to in book 3.  Rob and Blake have decided they want a child and they want Lila to provide that child, but everything is not the cut and dry business decision everyone tries to make it.  Emotions flare, tempers spark, fights and making up ensue.  As the book comes to an end we even get to see Sara and Jack’s wedding that was only briefed over in book 3.

And then the unimaginable happens.  Let me just say that after reading so many of Ms. Crowe’s books I should have saw this coming and I didn’t and it knocked me for a loop.  The last 2 chapters and the Epilogue literally were so intense it swelled my emotions like it was all happening to me.  I finished Essence of Time and just sat there stunned and amazed.

Drue gives this book

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