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Review: Escalation Clause (Stewart Realty Book 6) Author: Liz Crowe

Review: Escalation Clause (Stewart Realty Book 6)
Author: Liz Crowe
ISBN: 978-0-9859911-4-2
Publisher: Tri Destiny Publishing
Genre: Erotic Romance
Format: E-book/Paperback
Price: $5.00/$15.99

“Young love burns hot and bright. Soul mates are found, then lost in the blink of an eye. When young widow Maureen Gordon Taylor meets her daughter's sexy soccer coach, her body and heart slowly thaw. But will holding tight to the past cost her a future?

A devastating blow shatters a family's fragile happiness. Rob Freitag and Lila Warren now confront life without the emotional glue that once bound them, but a shared goal brings them back together. Is it enough to make them whole again and become the family they were meant to be?

Mutual trust is hard won for the Gordons. Then tragedy strikes, sending Jack and Sara’s lives into a tailspin. To keep her family from falling apart, she must force Jack to admit his deepest fears. After everything they’ve been through, can they revive the spark and move to the next stage of marital fulfillment?”

The sweeping saga of the Stewart Realty series continues as long-time friends learn to rely on each other, and to grab hold of happiness before it's too late.”

Ahhhhh Book 6 in Liz Crowe’s Stewart Realty Series.  Escalation Clause to me is a book about healing and there is a lot of healing going on throughout it.  As time goes on the books goes through how most of the couples cope (or not cope) with the tragedy that ripped their lives apart a few years earlier.  In this installment we get a glimpse of how the Drs. Thornton met, and how those early years shaped Sara and Blake and how many many years later everything brought then to this place and time in their lives.  Many new relationships (not all romantic) form throughout Escalation Clause, including Jack’s sister Mo who has finally met someone who just might be able to help her get past the loss she experienced years earlier.  We get a more in-depth introduction to Brandis, Jack’s brother in law from previous books and how his and Mo’s relationship came to be. 

Drue gives this book

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