Monday, December 3, 2012

Review: Deeper Than Ink by M.A. Ellis

Review: Deeper than Ink
Author: M. A. Ellis
ISBN: : 9781419941139
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Moderne Romance
Format: eBook
Price: $5.20

Becca Wiley was a force to be reckoned with in the tattoo community, her chair at More Ink was booked out months in advance.  So when the Master of the local BDSM club requests her to do some UV inking on his subs, she agrees, but only with a hefty price tag. She must first prove her skill with a demonstration, but who would be willing to be the canvas. Chad, a friend who owns a restaurant nearby, has the perfectly sculpted body to display her work.  For as long as she has known him, the attraction has been simmering, but neither willing to cross the line…yet.

Chad Harrington has had his eyes on Becca for a long time, but it has always been on her terms.  When he happens to walk by the stop and sees a large man with his hands on Becca, he makes his presence known and intercedes. Chad volunteers as Becca’s human canvas to prove her skills to the Master and to protect her while she is at the club.   After proving her skills with Chad’s unique UV design, she can’t escape the creepy vibe the club is giving off fast enough.  She doesn’t understand the submission or dominance within the walls, but they are given a glimpse during their visit.  As soon as they escape the confines of the club, Chad checks in with his safe call and takes Becca to his home.

They find themselves deeply turned on by what they saw and secretly want to explore more with the other.  Finally giving in to their desire, Chad and Becca combust into a raging inferno and discover even more than they ever knew about each other.  A late night call from one of the club sends them into rescue mode and secrets come to light.

I absolutely loved this story.  The author created this slow burn full of subtle touches and shy glances that left me saying….  “Just do it already”.  It is obvious that the author did her research that added to the credibility of the story.  Chad and Becca are strong characters, but aired a vulnerability to each other that I loved. The added mystery peaked my curiosity that was satisfied in the end.

Michele gives this book

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  1. Thanks for taking time to review DEEPER THAN INK, Michele. I'm so pleased that you enjoyed Chad and Becca's story : )