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Review: Conditional Offer, Stewart Realty Book 5 Author: Liz Crowe

Review: Conditional Offer, Stewart Realty Book 5
Author: Liz Crowe
ISBN: 978-0-9859911-2-8
Publisher: Tri Destiny Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Format: Ebook/Paperback
Price: $4.99/$10.65

“Craig Robinson and Suzanne Baxter had no reason to meet, no real excuse to be friends.  But when heart calls to heart...blood to blood...should two people who seem destined to be together heed the spin of Fate's wheel?

Craig spent years floating through life on cruise control, using directionless jobs, his rock band, swimming, and a string of older women in his bed to smother feelings of loneliness and loss.  He finally thought he had found his true love in one Sara Thornton – A sexy, beautiful, fellow real estate agent and mentor. But his self-doubt and innate sense of failure is only reinforced when he realizes her heart belongs to another man.

When Sara introduces him to Suzanne, a woman fighting her own demons from an abusive marriage and subsequent feelings of inadequacy and deep unhappiness, that simple, chance moment snaps Craig's hazy existence into crystal-clear focus.  A bond of instant physical attraction, nurtured by time and shared experience, and plenty of erotic energy, is born.

As Suzanne's past continues to haunt her, making her push Craig away just as he thinks he’s getting closer, each of them must come to terms with their true selves and face their ultimate realities.”

Oh the ups and downs, the turmoil and happiness, and oh what a stud muffin Craig is.  This book in the series gives us all the background that is Craig Robinson, it’s like reviewing the previous 4 books in the series but from Craig’s point of view.  The book starts prior to Craig meeting Sara and ends many years later and pretty much, touches on every messed up event that happened in the previous 4 books, including the one event that made me want to smash my kindle, but as I said we get it through “Craig’s eyes”.  I loved this book, it was a much needed break from all the turmoil and drama of Sara and Jack but at the same time had its own turmoil and drama of a different kind and it keeps you sucked into the series J.  On to book 6 which will have me all caught up on the series.

Drue gives this book

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