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Review: Bound with Pearls By: Sidney Bristol

Review: Bound with Pearls
By: Sidney Bristol
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419942686
Genre: Romance, BDSM, M/F
Format: eBook
Price: $5.95

It seemed that whenever Lucy didn’t want to follow through on a commitment, she knew just how to get her older sister, Christine, to do it for her.  She would bribe her with the promise of their deceased mother’s strand of pearls. So when Lucy’s boyfriend wanted in on the BDSM Poker Night and lost, it was her sister that paid the price.  Lucy convinced Christine to take her place with the promise of the pearls and all she had to do was submit to Daniel for a one night power exchange. She reluctantly agreed, only because she wanted those pearls. Christine had so many fond memories of wearing them, but her conniving sister swindled them out from away her.

Tonight, she finds herself standing in a private room at the club waiting for Daniel, and he was late.  An hour later she hears to door open and was not prepared for who walked through. Christine was angry about so many things by that moment…having to cover for Lucy again and being kept waiting topped her list. Her behavior almost cost her the night, but Daniel knew there was more to her story. Any good Dom worth his weight could read a sub. When their time was up, they didn’t want the night to end. Daniel promises a night of sleeping and cuddling. And like a true gentleman that’s all that happened…for now.

Their relationship intensified in and out of the bedroom.  Without even knowing, Christine and her tattoo became the muse for Daniel’s next line of jewelry.  So when she is tired of Lucy’s lies, she make a personal appearance at her apartment to get the pearls only to be handed a plastic bag full of loose pearls.  Christine feels as broken as the strand of pearls until Daniel promises that he can fix them. Except, she never expects him to create something so beautiful and meaningful with her precious memories, but like the pearls Christine is new and whole thanks to the love of a man.

Sidney’s characters are so real that you can’t help but relate on some level.  Christine has felt like a second fiddle to Lucy her whole life despite her very successful career. Due to Daniel’s past, he yearns for physical contact to comfort his inner chaos. And when you mix the chemistry of Daniel and Christine, they are bound to combust!  The sex between them is of epic proportions and their connection visible as they give and take from the other. You cannot help but fall in love with them, and think of a few things you might like to do to Lucy in the meantime as well.  

Michele gives this book

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