Monday, December 3, 2012

Poppy's Birthday Bash: Annette Goes Hollywood

Today I am guest blogging for author Poppy Dennison on her 12 Days of Poppy Birthday Bash.  Until her birthday 12/12/12 she has a special guest blogger talking about anything that includes a list of their 12 favorite or least favorite things.  

So, I decided to do 12 books made into movies and realized it was not as easy as I thought so I changed it to My Top 12 Books Made Into Movies.

Here is a sneak peak:

12. Gone With the Wind – Author Margaret Mitchell
Margaret Mitchell won a Pulitzer for this book which was released in 1936. The story is set during the Civil War and follows life and trouble of Scarlett O’Hara who begins the story as a sixteen year old girl in love.
What more can be said about this one “Oh Rhett” starring Vivian Leigh and Clark Cable who gave us the phrase “Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn” that made every woman swoon. And then of course we have Scarlett that you either wanted to hug her or slap her, talk about a woman who went from sweet to bitch in zero-sixty.

Poppy: What I love about this movie is that it isn't your typical romance. It's funny, because everyone seems to think of Gone With the Wind as a romance, but it isn't that as all. And Rhett...oh Rhett...

11. The Outsiders –S.E. Hinton
Published in 1967 The Outsiders tells the story of a group of boys coming of age in 1965. Claimed as a controversial book due to the violence even to this day it is now part of some schools reading curriculum.
I was a young adult myself when this book was turned into a movie in 1983 and I cannot tell you how many times I watched this movie. Yes, partly because of the cast but also the story of all that Ponyboy had gone through and the friendships that held through it all.

Poppy: This is one where I watched the movie first. I don't like to do that, but heck, I didn't really know any better at the time. And really, how could you go wrong with that cast? How many of those guys went on to become superstars?

10. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – C.S. Lewis
Okay, I know it is a children’s book and movies but I love them both.
First published in 1950 and then adapted into a movie in 2005 this story follows Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy into the world of Narnia where they befriend many of the characters and help to defeat the White Witch.
What more to say about a story that takes you into a world of beings and magic.

Poppy: I tried to resist watching this movie when it came out a few years ago. You might not be surprised to know that I get cranky when books are made into movies and they don't do it "right". Fortunately, this one worked for me and it introduced my nephews to the world of Narnia. Gotta love a movie that makes kids want to read!

To find out my complete list as well as Poppy's favorite book turned movie go to her blog and read all about it and if I'm not mistaken I believe there is a contest going as well so leave a comment on her blog


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