Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Interview with paranormal author Tes Hilaire

Hello everyone and welcome to RomFan Reviews.  Today we get to chat with Tes Hilaire, author of the paranormal romance books Deliver Me from Darkness and Deliver Me from Temptation, both part of the Paladin Warriors series.  Tes, thanks so much for stopping by today.  Let’s start by talking about your new release, Deliver Me from Temptation, which just came out December 4.  Can you tell us a little bit about the book?

Deliver Me from Temptation is the second novel in my Paladin Warriors series. We met Logan, the last full-blooded Paladin and jaded warrior, in book one but it’s not until this second installment that we really get to understand what makes him tick.  Like… say… a certain stubborn, female cop? ;-)  Be sure to check out the blurb below for more!

That sounds great.  And I say that because I’ve read the book, and you can find the review here http://tinyurl.com/b9e2bzs For those interested in you and your works, where can they go to learn more?

They should definitely check out my website, www.teshilaire.com, I have tons of new goodies this month including a Christmas Short that is kind of like an epilogue for book two (Warning! Spoilers!) I am also going to have a meet the characters page going up soon and some great contests running through the New Year!  Beyond that they can find me on facebook.com/TesHilaireAuthor or twitter @teshilaire.

Remember to bookmark those, folks.  And now, I’m going to do something a little different.  I usually do a standard Q&A, but I’m getting bored with those.  Instead, I’m going to do something I hope you all will find a bit more fun.  So without further ado, it’s 20 Questions!

1.       Coffee or Tea?   Coffee… unless it’s Chi, in which case I’ll trade up for that.

2.       Coke or Pepsi?   Pepsi

3.       Pirates or Ninjas?   Oh! Depends on the mood… I’m going for Ninjas as I suspect they have more opportunity for bathing.

4.       Beer or wine?   Wine

5.       Muffins or Cupcakes?   Can I pick both? LOL! Okay… a good chocolate and banana muffin.

6.       Computer or Television?   Computer… simply because I don’t have the time for TV!

7.       Would you travel the world or travel space?   The world…I’m a huge fan of texture and color.

8.       My favorite pizza is…   Bacon and Tomato

9.       My favorite book genre is…   Urban Fantasy with a heavy PNR twist

10.   My superpower of choice would be…  Temporal manipulation… I need more time!

11.   On a rainy day, you’ll find me…   Reading a book…or chained to my keyboard.

12.   When I get free time, I’ll...   Read more books! And take my kids to something fun.

13.   If you had a million dollars…   I’d invest half and then I’d buy books for programs like Literacy for Life! 

14.   My dream vacation would be…   A secluded tropical island with the kids (nicely) playing on the beach, my hubby in the chair next to me, a cold fruity drink, and as many books as I could read.

15.   If you could be a character in any novel you’ve ever read, who would you be and why?   Gut instinct was Mercedes from Patricia Brigg’s UF series, but then I thought about all the trouble she lands herself in, and then I thought about my other favorite heroines and the spots they tend to land in… Um, no. I think I’ll stick with reality, thank you!

16.   How many books do you read each year?   Less than I used to but too many to easily count ;-)

17.   If you could pick a book to turn into a movie, which one would it be?  At the moment I’d go with Karen Marie Monings Fae Fever series…but I’m not sure they could do it justice so I’ll probably stick with re-reading it instead.

18.   If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?  I’m really liking where I am now in Charlotte, NC (it was 70 degrees last week! Oh My!), but I’d also love to live in Estes Park, CO and I’ve always wanted to check out Australia, France, and Italy.

19.   Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?   Either Barnes & Noble or Homegoods :-)

20.   What are you reading right now?   Nothing! I’m in book deprivation!  It’s awful! Though I’m really hoping Santa gets me at least some of the books on my ten mile long list. :-D
How about you readers… What book are you currently reading? I need to make my list longer ;-)


Logan Screwed Up...Big Time

When things go bump in the night, Logan bumps back. Vampires, demons, succubi—you name it, he's fought it. His job as Paladin angel warrior is to protect humans. Not fall for one.

She Never Believed in Divine Intervention...Until Now

Detective Jessica Waters protects humans too-with her Glock and a good set of handcuffs. She doesn't believe in fate. But if anyone looks like a gift from the gods, it's Logan. And he clearly knows more about her case than he's letting on...

“Dark, sexy, and intense! Hilaire blazes a new path in paranormal romance.”

—Sophie Jordan, New York Times bestselling author on Deliver Me From Darkness


Daphne Award-winning author Tes Hilaire started creating whole new worlds to escape upstate New York’s harsh winters before finally fleeing to sultry North Carolina. Her stories are edgy, exciting, and bring a hint of dark fantasy to paranormal romance. And no one ever has to shovel snow. For more, visit www.teshilaire.com, like her on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/TesHilaireAuthor, and follow her on Twitter, @TesHilaire. Look for the other books in the Paladin Warriors Series: Deliver Me from Darkness (in stores now) and Prince of Shadows (November 2013).


One lucky person will win a copy of Deliver Me from Temptation.  Just leave a comment with your email address and you are entered.  No email address your comment will not count.  Contest is open to U.S. and Canada residents and ends December 22nd.


  1. Still love the sounds of this book...can wait to gt my hands on it:)
    Thanks for the giveaways!

    1. I hope you do, Nicole! Enjoy and thanks for stopping in! :-)

  2. looking forward to your world! PICK ME!!
    Happy Holidays

    PicardsMom at yahoo dot com

    1. Thanks! I hope you love it :-) Thanks for saying HI!

  3. Loved the interview Tes, I must agree with you about sticking with reality... My initial thought was I'd love to be Gin Blanco (Jennifer Estep's Elemental Assassin series) for a day then I remembered how often she gets hurt. Hmmm, no thanks ;)

    There are so many good books! Right now I have Survivor in Death by JD Robb on my kindle, Deadly Sting by Jennifer Estep on my kindle fire and Prince of Power by Elisabeth Staab in paperback and I can't decide which to read! Too many good ones to choose from (which is my favourite complaint).

    No email cause I'm Interntional - just stopped by to say Hi

    1. Michelle,

      Oh... read Prince of Power for me! I'm holding out until I see Elisabeth Staab at Olde City New Blood to get a signed copy so you must read it for me and tell me how awesome it is ;-)

      Thanks for stopping in!

    2. Sounds like a plan! I'll let you know how it is :)

  4. Congratulations Tes. Sounds like a great read. And I love the cover. Do you have any say in the cover selections?

    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.


    1. Sandy - I'm sure if I was really against a cover for a valid reason Sourcebooks would go well out of their way to work with me. That said they probably know better than I what works in the PNR market AND I've been blessed with fabulous covers done by the wonderful Pickyme (and that one really is a smokin cover isn't it? Oh la la)

  5. I like the 20 question format and interview.


    1. it was fun, wasn't it? I think I want all my author interviews to be this way! LOL! :-D