Monday, November 5, 2012

Review: Under His Skin by Sidney Bristol

Review:  Under His Skin
Author:  Sidney Bristol
ISBN:  978141994091
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Genre:  Contemporary Erotica
Format: EBook
Price:  $5.95

As Pandora Hartley prepares for her first tattoo competition she came face to face her own personal nightmare.  Robert Howe, her former boyfriend and fellow competitor in this contest rocked her already fragile confidence in mere seconds remaindering her of her younger days as his shop girl. With the support of her girlfriends and co-workers, Mary, Autumn and Kellie, Pandora blossomed into the amazing artist who she is today.

Brian Adler came to the tattoo convention to get a memorial piece for his band mates that died in a fiery plane crash, but nothing prepared him for Pandora.  He struggled with the feeling that their paths had crossed and the realization hit him…Robert’s shop girl.  They made small talk, but buried feelings began to resurface as her fingers ghosted over his exposed skin.  His injuries from the accident leave him feeling…less, but Pandora awakens something deep within.  Their passion ignites, but can she protect her heart from what it wants or will she succumb to the fire?

Her safety and happiness is Brian’s only mission, but someone else has her in the crosshairs as unusual events being happening. He would not fail her.
This was a great short story by Ms. Bristol, including each chapter starting with the definition of a tattoo term. Visually it set it apart from anything I have read before.   Brian and Pandora’s emotional journey of healing and rediscovery had me falling in love with them from the first pass of the needle. Needless to say, the sex is abundant and smoldering, but who can deny a sexy, inked musician…not me!  The underlying mystery stalker was a nice contrast to the love story with an intense climactic ending that had me fidgeting in my seat. Kudos Sidney!

Michele gives this book

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