Thursday, November 22, 2012

Review: Taming Raven, A Soulless Seven Novel by Kitty DuCane

Review:  Taming Raven, A Soulless Seven Novel
Author:  Kitty DuCane
ISBN:   978-0-9884870-0-0
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Format:  Ebook
Price:  $4.99

Wow, this book had me hooked by page 2, quick wit, snarky humor along with explosive passion hook me every time.

DEA Special Agent Raven Payne is an amazing character, strong, independent, witty, with a hair trigger temper and a take no prisoners attitude.  In short she a total female badass and can hold her own, not needing or wanting help from anyone.  Not only is Raven the only female of the Soulless Seven, a deep undercover group, she is the only human, the “female version of the universal soldier, she demanded respect and got it”.

Circumstances force Raven into the Witness Protection Program and her co-worker drops her with former sniper and werewolf buddy Deacon Bishop.

Deacon is thoroughly ticked off at his friend Hoyt McGee for dumping the very human, smart mouthed, Raven Payne into his life and his ranch.  Women are only good for one thing as far as Deacon is concerned and “disturbing his peaceful, solitary life wasn’t it”.  After the betrayal of a woman, Deacon was hell bent against the “mate a wolf waited its entire life for”.

As the “only witness to Senator Robert Jacobs’ relationship with an arms dealer” Raven is taken to “the middle of nowhere, Montana” to Deacon Bishop’s ranch.  Sparks fly, tempers erupt and passion ignites between the two.  Can Deacon protect the hellcat princess who doesn’t know how to play well with others from herself and the premier assassin looking for her?  Can Raven put aside her insecurities and stubbornness to dare hope for the things she’s never had?

I will eagerly be watching for the next Soulless Seven Novel

Drue gives this book