Friday, November 30, 2012

Review: Shadow Cave by Angie West

Shadow Cave
by: Angie West
$10.99 trade paperback
ISBN#9781938961519 ebook
World Castle Publishing
Released: November 2012


When Claire's brother came to her a few months ago, rambling on about a secret world connected to their own, she thought he was nuts.  Now that he's gone missing and people are coming after her to get to him, she's starting to believe.  Now she must follow the clues her brother's left behind if she has any hope of seeing him again, all while dodging the assassins sent to kill her.  But the real danger has only begun, for when she finds this mysterious world, she learns there's an evil there that will stop at nothing to kill her, and get back the key she used to get there.

What follows is a nonstop thrill ride of danger, intrigue, suspense, action, mystery, and love.  This book took off running at page one and didn't stop till the end, which I loved.  The idea of another world connected to ours was great, and I was proud of how determined Claire was to do whatever it took to find her brother, despite the odds stacked against her.  I think Angie West did a great job with this story.

Carla gives this book a

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