Monday, November 5, 2012

Review: Sarah Quanli by Jackson Keene

Review:  Sarah Quanli
Author:  Jackson Keene
ISBN:  978-938370-24-3
Publisher: Treble Heart Books
Genre:  Historical Romance
Format: Paperback
Price:  $14.99

David Adam MacDougall was a very special man.   He was extremely handsome and if that was not enough, he had a kind heart and soul.   While away at University, David received his calling, he would become a missionary and after University would travel to Beiping China to the people after being ravished by war.  While preparing for the travel to Beiping China, David’s betrothed and childhood sweetheart had informed him of her future plans.   Broken hearted and betrayed, David travels sets out on his voyage.  While being heavily pursued by the women on board the ship, David has to deal with pirates and thieves.   Once in Beiping, David struggles to establish himself with the ministry and the people.  Travelling to a war-torn country struggling with poverty and starvation is not the safest place to live and falling in love with one of your co-minister’s daughter (Xiu Li) is a challenge in itself.  

The dedication in this book reads “To those who love the movement and magic of basketball...and to those missionaries of faith who carried their love of the game and gospel to the great people of China... This story is gratefully dedicated”. 

Warning:   The main character is a young man who becomes a missionary and goes to China to work as a missionary.  If reading about God and faith upsets you, then this book is not for you.   If you are looking for a great traditional romance, this is an awesome book.

 Writing a review for Sarah Quanli is kind of difficult because I have words like “classic”, “epic”, “heartfelt” and “soulful” popping in my mind.   I can even envision a movie of the story.  

I can tell you that Jackson Keene has written a beautiful historical romance novel.  You can’t help but have a great affection for David MacDougall and those who become close to him through the years.  It is so well written, I would have believed it to be a true story.  When I finished reading the book, I sat back on the sofa, sighed and thought to myself… What a wonderful story!

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