Monday, November 5, 2012

Review: Rent by Rick R. Reed

Review: Rent
Author: Rick R. Reed
ISBN: 978-1-60820-7596 Ebook
           978-1-60820-7589 Print
Publisher: MRL Press
Genre: Contemporary M/M
Format: Ebook/Print
Price: $6.99/$14.99

When Wren Gallagher finds himself without a job and a place to live he begins to think about what he can do now. 

He finds himself in the bar called Tricks when he is approached by a man promising him with a dream job but is it really everything the stranger promises.  How hard can it be to be an escort, right?

Enter Rufus, another escort sent to help Wren learn the ropes.  What Wren was not counting on was falling in love with Rufus.  Wren begins to questions if he can really treat sex with a stranger for money as nothing different then a normal hook-up.

As Wren wrestles with his decision and his feelings for Rufus escorts are being murdered.  Will Wren and Rufus have a happy ever after or will it end in heartache?

I was caught from beginning to end with not just the characters but the storyline.  I have always loved a mystery and trying to figure out who the killer is kept me guessing.  I loved both Wren and Rufus with the emotional ups and downs as well as how well they complimented each other.  Rick R. Reed has found himself a spot on my must have list.

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