Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Review: One Hospital Nightmare by A.P. Kasch

One Hospital Nightmare
by: A.P. Kasch
$0.99 ebook
Horror / Suspense
Released: October 2012

Something just isn’t right at Battlefield Memorial Hospital. Nick Moore, a

sensible middle-aged man from Eastern Texas, must admit that his best
friend Jared might not be losing his marbles after all. By an eerie twist
of fate, both of them end up in this same out-of-the-way hospital at the
same time. Nick soon learns that Jared’s irrational, terrified rants about
the place don’t tell the half of it.

The year is 2010 when Nick is checks in, but at this hospital, time doesn’t
seem to cooperate and the line between nightmare and reality starts to
become blurry. Somehow, Nick becomes involved in a famous local Comanche
Indian fight from the year 1840. As the mystery unfolds, his values are
tested and keeping his sanity becomes more important than his physical

This book is more suspense than horror.  There are a few pretty creepy parts, but otherwise you're left trying to piece the clues together to figure out the story.  I liked how the author put just enough humor in the story to keep in from getting too dark.  There is a lot of history in this book, which means nothing when you read it but makes total sense once you finish the book.  There were a couple scenes that dragged the story out, but otherwise it was an enjoyable read.

Carla gives this book a

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