Monday, November 5, 2012

Review: Letting Jack Watch by Katheryn Wallis

Review:  Letting Jack Watch
Author:  Katheryn Wallis
ISBN:  9781419940255
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Genre:  Contemporary Erotica
Format: EBook
Price:  $5.20

With a long history of failed relationships behind him, Jack Bucholski wanted more from life.  Serving the Edmonton PD, Jack and his partner, Jeremy had been through a lot together professionally and personally creating a bond like no other. Jack, Jeremy and Caitlin Cook, Jeremy’s girlfriend were inseparable on many levels and one night that all changed.

After a night of drinking and socializing with friends at Jeremy and Cailtlin’s home, Jack slips outside to relax and ponder his life when he happens to view an amazing site.  He watches his two most dear friends in an intimate moment and finds he can’t look away.  Guilt forces Jack to confess to Jeremy what he witnessed and was shocked by his response. 

As the boundaries of their friendship are pushed, will everyone be able to live with consequences?

At only 100 pages, the author was able to thoroughly encompass everyone and their emotional viewpoints.  The erotic nature of voyeurism is given new light when all parties are consenting.  The sex is H.O.T.T and even worthy of a cigarette if you smoke…lol.  This short story is full of emotional turmoil as all parties work through their choices.

Michele gives this book


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