Thursday, November 22, 2012

Review: Deadly Captive: Collateral Damage by Bianca Sommerland

Review:  Deadly Captive: Collateral Damage
Author:  Bianca Sommerland
ISBN: 978-1-60592-507-3
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing LLC
Genre:  Contemporary Erotica
Format: E-Book
Price: $5.90

Nicole Reed finds herself kidnapped and her friend dead, but nothing prepared her for the darkness that was ahead.   It is soon explained to her that there is a reason behind her abduction, if she can prove herself to her captors.  Nicole is to reach a small boy that is to grow up to become one of them.  The mastermind behind her kidnapping is Cyrus, who always keeps her guessing his next move, but her day to day care is at the hands of Vince.  Her only motivation at this point is young boy she is meant to teach.

Vince is a tortured soul, torn between what he knows is wrong and what he has been raised to believe.  Nicole is his first charge and he want to prove himself to Cyrus, but on his own terms.  Soon it becomes a race of survival for Nicole and Vince, as they find themselves on the same team fighting to stay alive.

I absolutely loved this book and will definitely read her other stories. The darkness of this story grabs ahold and won't let go until the last page.  Bianca developed strong characters that blended well with their fellow leads. Nicole and Vince's emotional bond is deep and multi-faceted as he teaches her ways to cope with the environment in which she is captive within. 

Michele gives this book

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