Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Review: Safe in Their Arms by Miranda Stowe

Review: Safe in Their Arms
Author: Miranda Stowe
Publisher: Whispers Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance...M/F/M
Format: E-Book
Price: $3.45

As she ran from her home after finding her common law husband having sex on the kitchen table, Taylor Delacroix never thought she would find safety and sanctuary in the most unusual place. Running to the first safe place she could think of, her friend Chrissy, Taylor finds a dark house, locked doors and Sam Chadwick instead. He tells her that her dearest friend has run off and got married to his friend, Nate. They soon find themselves delving into playful banter as their attraction ignites until he thinks she's married. Sam becomes angry and runs her off into the night with no money and nowhere to go.

Resolved to the idea that her only recourse is to go back to her "husband" and face his verbal wrath, Taylor stops at a gas station to get change with her last dollar. She blindly turns to leave and runs into the mountain of a man. As the coins fall, so does her the stronghold on her emotions and the tears fall. Burke Driver, being the strong, sensitive man that he is can't fight the draw to the woman in distress. He goes so far as to give her gas money, retain a lawyer and a safe place to crash as his roommate recently got married. Confessing his interest in her, Taylor could easily see herself cradled in his arms. He drives them to his home and before long she is asleep.

Taylor awakens as they arrive at Burke's house. She discovers that he and his roommate, Wick, renovate homes together and it is their current project. With a tour of the house ending in Nate's old room, emotions are running high as passion erupts only to be reined in by Burke. Taylor awakens to a new day as the events from the night before begin to fall into place with faces and nicknames coming together.

Can misconceptions be understood in time to protect Taylor from the evil she runs from? Will Burke and Sam convince Taylor that they both care for her?

Safe in Their Arms was a wonderful story with all kinds of little revelations to keep the reader hooked till the last page. Ms. Stowe created strong, unique characters that will make you fall in love as they dive into a polyamorous relationship. I enjoyed how the author kept me guessing about who was who with nicknames and friendships. It created a lovely mystery within a love story.

Michele gives this book

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