Monday, September 3, 2012

Review: Highest Bidder by Sommer Marsden

Review: Highest Bidder
Author: Sommer Marsden
ISBN: 9781908917331
Publisher: Xcite Books LTD
Genre: Contemporary Erotica
Format: Ebook
Price: $.99

Casey Briggs newest charitable project was near to heart. It was a fundraiser for type one diabetes and this disease took her husband from her a year ago. With the help of her friend, Annie, the women arranged a bachelor auction of the areas successful businessmen. A last minute lineup change brings Casey face to face with the first man to make her feel alive since her husband’s death.

Nick Murphy happened to be in the right place at the right time to catch Casey when she twists her ankle. He couldn't refuse his neighbor, Annie's plea for help with the auction. Swooping Casey up in his arms to tend to her wounded joint, Nick feels an immediate attraction. They get acquainted while he examines her ankle and makes a surprising confession. He is afraid that he won't fetch a bid as high as the other men...doctors, lawyers. Nick refurbishes furniture.

On a fluke, Nick looked out his peep hole anticipating the arrival of his Chinese dinner and sees Casey walking passed. Quickly snatching the door open, he surprises her, but her reaction is one her never expects. Can she overcome her past to see a bright future standing right in front of her? Casey is stunned by Nick's compassion and understanding of her past, but afraid to let go and live her life. Will she be the highest bidder in the auction or will she lose it all?

A quick read that stirs deep emotions of love, lose and hope. I found myself rooting for Nick and praying Casey would come to her senses. Ms. Marsden did a wonderful job and now I am prompted to check out her other titles.

Michele gives this book

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