Monday, September 3, 2012

Review: Bound to be Mated by Sam Crescent

Review: Bound to be Mated
Author: Sam Crescent
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: Ebook
Price: $4.99

Charlotte had no way of knowing what the night would bring when her sister, Kim, convinced her to go with her to the bar instead of staying home and doing her school work.   Being the good sister, she went so Kim wouldn't get in trouble.  She set herself up at the bar to finish her homework with the bartender keeping a vigilant watch so Kim could have a good time.   The bar was full of half-naked couples dancing and touching and intimidating men watching her every move.  One man approached....Cade.  They talked about his tattoos and introduced himself as "Second in command of the Rock Wood Clan". Soon the bar is full of tension and Cade calls for Micah.  Trying to hide Charlotte and keep things under control until Micah can arrive; Cade speaks to the intruder and demand they leave.  Brandon, leader of the Eagle Pack, has his eyes on Charlotte and wants to claim her......until someone beats him to it.

Micah, leader of the Rock Wood Clan, has no intention of letting Brandon anywhere near Charlotte.  With his hand forced, the only way to keep Charlotte safe was to mark her as his own.  He worried about the life he had just thrusted upon her without her knowledge.  Pack leaders. Mates. Territories.  Micah couldn't control his need to make her his, but she did not willing chose this life and he would not force it upon her.  Painfully he watched from afar and provided all the things she needed and wanted.  All the while her memories of Micah faded, but internally her body craved him none the less.

He must claim his Queen and bring her home, but that it easier said than done.  She meets resistance at every turn, but like a true leader she rises to the task and wins most of the packs hearts.  As Alpha, Micah, is a very desirable man with a healthy sexual appetite and he has his eyes solely locked on Charlotte.  An enemy from the past comes back to take what he thinks is his and since the mating ritual is not complete it is a distinct possibility. 

What woman wouldn't want to be cherished by a handsome, sexually charged wolf in disguise? Micah fought against his internal struggle to protect Charlotte from everyone including himself.  Charlotte met him head on.  I so love these two together.  The burn between them is tangible and made my heart race on more than one occasion. The author did a great job of developing a truly believable family unit within the Rock Wook Clan.  I enjoyed witnessing Charlotte evolve from weak female to a strong Queen.  I will definitely read more by this author.

Michele gives this book

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