Monday, September 3, 2012

Review: Be Our Valentine (Holiday Ménage Book 1) by Lolita Lopez

Review: Be Our Valentine (Holiday Ménage Book 1)
Author: Lolita Lopez
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary Erotica
Format: Ebook
Price: $.99

Tom and Frank were lovers and best friends since childhood. Both wanted the same woman, Lexi, and would do anything to keep her. Lexi’s past haunted her enough that she was terrified to have a permanent relationship, especially between two men at once.

Tom shared a similar history of an abusive family and understood her fears. Frank wanted to hold their ménage relationship at all costs. Each of them wanted more than just sex after spending the night in a hotel but Lexi shied away and disappeared until her two lovers took control and tracked her down. Together they helped her face her fears and accept what she suspected. She was in love with them both.

This story was quite enjoyable and filled the heart with warmth. The characters leapt off the pages with their love and caring. Not simply sex for the hell of it, the relationships between three people stirred the imagination and made the possibility of love with more than two hearts at stake.

Bobbi gives this book

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