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Interview with historical erotic author Victoria Vane and Lord DeVere

We would like to welcome author Victoria Vane and special guest Ludovic, Viscount DeVere to RomFan Reviews!!

Tell us a little about your new releases The Devil You Know and Devils Match.

The Devil You Know and The Devil’s Match are books #3 and #4 respectively in my 4 novella erotic historical romance series called The Devil DeVere after the key character, Ludovic, Viscount DeVere, who connects all the books.

Although DeVere is not the main protagonist of either the first or second books (A Wild Night’s Bride and The Virgin Huntress), he is very much a key player and master manipulator in both.

DeVere is a fascinatingly complex character whose own story it took two books to tell. In The Devil You Know, I take the reader Back in time four years to show the circumstances under which DeVere and Diana first meet, what pulled them together, and what drove them seemingly irrevocably apart. In The Devil’s Match their lives intersect once more, only to find that the old flame not only still burns, but threaten to consume them!

What can we see coming from you in the future?

I recently finished my first full-length novel for Entangled Publishing’s new Scandalous historical imprint. It’s called Dangerous Designs, and is darkly erotic with elements of intrigue. I had planned to immediately start on another novel but I have received so many requests from fans for “more DeVere” that I have put other books on hold to write more novellas in this series.

I have already begun working on Jewel of the East which is Salime’s story (from The Devil’s Match). I also plan on going back even further in time with Ned, DeVere and Annalee as well as introducing some new characters and story lines in A Devil By Another Name and A Devil in Diamonds. I am very excited that readers have really taken to this series.

You seem to know the era in which you write very well, how much time do you spend doing research for your books?

I am very much an 18th history geek and even have a blog to prove it (! I have been in love with the Georgian era for about as long as I remember so my research really is an ongoing thing. Over the past few years, in addition to reading diaries, letters, and memoirs, from people who lived during this period, I have studied everything from wars and politics to art, music and stage plays. I try to sprinkle my stories with all of these kinds of details to make them more real. I also make appoint of incorporating real historical figures into my books, when it fell right to do so. I think it’s so much fun to take what history has left us and add personality!

What was the hardest part of writing your books?

The hardest part of writing for me is always the first sentence. Sometimes it takes weeks! But then it’s usually downhill after that.

When writing your description of your hero/ine what feature do you start with? Eyes, age, hair color, etc?  

Although some readers like a lot of physical description, I try to go very light on it as I prefer to imagine the characters that appeal most to me when I am reading. Also for me, the personality has to come alive before I can describe them. When I do, I usually begin with hair and eyes.

How long have you been a writer?  

I’ll give you a long answer on this one: I began writing my very first book in September of 2007, finished it in late November 2008, and got a contract on it in January2009. It was published in April 2010.  (The Highest Stakes, written as Emery Lee). So, I have now been writing for five years and am published for two and a half.

Do you write under more than one name? Why? 

Yes! I began writing historical fiction as Emery Lee and had two full length novels published with Sourcebooks, The Highest Stakes and Fortune’s Son but then 18 months ago my publisher passed on my subsequent proposals, and my agent quit the business leaving me high and dry.

I was very depressed, disillusioned and frustrated until an author friend suggested I try writing a short romance for a digital publisher. Without an agent, there were few options open to me, so I decided to give it a try. To shorten a very long story-  A Breach of Promise was accepted by Ellora’s Cave under the condition that I amp up the heat level. Given that my previous books were pretty much PG-13, I was not very comfortable with this but decided I had nothing to lose. The book was released last December to a great reception – thus my wicked twin Victoria Vane was born!

When not writing, how do you relax? 

I read, I ride my horses, and I play the Celtic harp.

Do you ever suffer from writer's block? If so, what do you do about it?

Yes, I think all writers do from time to time. I usually try to edit or do research until my creative brain kicks back into gear.

How can readers learn more about you and your books?  

I have a web site, an author blog and am very active on Facebook and Goodreads:
Twitter:  authorvictoriav

DeVere Questions

In the first two books you played matchmaker for your best-friend Ned and your brother Hew so why are you so sure there was no such thing as love and matrimony for you?

(He laughs.) My answer to that, my dear, is simple: one man’s potion is often another man’s poison!

In Devil’s Match it mentions all your travels, is there any one place that was special to you?
After briefer sojourns in France and Italy, I spent almost two years in Constantinople. I was very enamored of the place. I found the sights, sounds, and smells, exotic and appealing, and I was particularly intrigued by the Oriental dancing. I found it all much to my liking, and might have stayed permanently had I been inclined to convert to their religion. While certain aspects of the Mohammedan’s lifestyle appealed to me, I could not find it within myself to abstain from drink or to pray to Allah three times a day.
Alas, I may be justly accused of many unpalatable things, but hypocrisy is not one of them.

Without trying to give any spoilers is there anything you would have changed in your life?

No. I am not a man who suffers regrets. I do what I do because it suits me and then I move on.

Where is the craziest place you’ve ever had sex? 

On the back of a camel… it’s a long story. (He chuckles.)

If you could have three wishes granted, what would you wish for?

I have no need to wish for anything for I have all that a man could possibly desire— good health, great wealth, and a ready wit. And while I am by no means a philanthropist, given my almost infinite resources, I prefer to assist those close to me in obtaining their desires. I believe Ned, Phoebe, Vesta and Hew would concur.

What’s the perfect romantic evening?

Romantic?  (He frowns.) Romance is for women and poets. I am neither. But if you ask me what comprises a most gratifying evening, (he grins wickedly) might I suggest a few hours alone with one’s inamorata in a hammam?

I would like to thank Victoria and Lord DeVere for stopping by it was a pleasure to have you both here.

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