Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Review: Taboo by Kimberly Zant

Review: Taboo
Author: Kimberly Zant
ISBN: 978-1-60394-486-1
Publisher: New Concepts Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Erotica
Format: EBook
Price: $5.50

Mila had her first "official" vacation away from work and family planned to the smallest detail. New sights, new food and relaxing as she travels by car and train across America and maybe even have some meaningless sex along the way. After two failed marriages, she worked hard to find herself again with diet and exercise molding her outside to match the inside. As an attractive older woman with three daughters and grandchildren and a successful online business, she is in her prime.

As she enters the busy dining car she immediately notices a handsome young man with an empty seat next to him. Mila finally gives into her inner debate and inquires about the seats availability. After deliberating, it is offered to her with introductions and light conversation begins. The young man she viewed from afar is names Giles Hawthorne and he is English. Her attraction to Giles builds the longer she sits next to him, so she decides to take a walk to distance herself. Shortly thereafter, she finds their paths cross again and continue to discuss the details of her trip. Giles is quite smitten with Mila and voices an interest in accompanying her...sharing the cost of course. With an offer to escort her to her private bunk with his hand on the small of her back, they fight their attraction.

Their passion ignites into a raging inferno as they find themselves kissing, touching, and exploring each other through hours of pleasure. Mila feels let down when she awakens to find she is alone, but not surprised. She hides in her bunk until it is time to get off and begin the first leg of her driving exploration not wanting to chance seeing Giles. Exiting the train, she hears her name and Giles approaching with luggage in hand. And so begins their journey as secrets are kept and discovers are made.

The author was amazing at creating this couple where age was an obvious factor, but it didn't dictate the relationship. As a reader, what you get to witness is two people nurturing a connection, but not to say that the age card isn't dealt. However, it is how the overcome the older woman factor and only see their desire for each other. The sex between these two is phenomenal and the love that grows. The love story of Mila and Giles is one that ageless and knows no bounds. Bravo, Ms. Zant for a sensual and sexy hot love story.

Michele gives this book

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