Saturday, August 18, 2012

Review: Rise of Hope by Kaily Hart

Rise of Hope
by: Kaily Hart
$3.99 ebook
Carina Press
Paranormal Romance
Released: August 2012

Devon has spent her entire life locked in a compound, unable to touch anyone.  Her one solace is the yearly hike she's allowed to go on.  This year, she vows to escape, no matter the cost.  Before she can, she's kidnapped by an attractive but frightening man.  He claims to be able to keep her safe, but she soon realizes she will be trading one prison for another.  Once safe, she's told she's part of a dying race of humans known as the Vadïm, and that's the reason she's been kept in isolation.  It also explains the intricate tattoos all over her body.  And when she realizes her tattoos march those of Seth, her rescuer, she knows her world's about to change forever.

Seth is a mercenary who doesn't buy into his boss's belief that they're part of a secret dying race of humans.  But the paychecks are good, so he agrees to go on a rescue mission and retrieve a female.  He doesn't expect the fiery temptress who challenges him at every turn, yet stirs his heart in a way no other ever has.  The matching tattoos on their bodies mean they're destined to be together, but he's never been the settling down type.  He's not sure if his jaded heart will ever open enough to allow anyone, even his destined mate, inside.

This book has the potential to start a series.  The female Vadïm have been captured and held prisoner, and it's up to the males to find them and keep them safe.  The Vadïm have been well written, in that their powers aren't unbelievable, and their humanity grounds them and makes us relate.  I enjoyed the idea of destined mates bearing identical marks, and the secondary characters were believable, making me hope to one day read their stories.  I enjoyed this book, and hope to see more of this world in the future.

Carla gives this book a

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