Monday, August 20, 2012

Review: Ménage After Midnight (Romps & Rakehells) by Madelynne Ellis

Review: Ménage After Midnight (Romps & Rakehells)
Author: Madelynne Ellis
ISBN: 9781937796112
Publisher: Ai-Press
Genre: Historical Erotica
Format: E-Book
Price: $1.99

Paris Ashcroft is no stranger to having a liaison with a married woman.  But, there is only one woman he has his heart set on Sophia Lovich.

Sophia and her husband Alexander have no secrets and on this special night they have a plan and they can only hope that Paris is willing to go along with it.

I only had one problem with this story…it ended too soon for me.  I was lost in the triangle created by the characters.  Although Paris is a ladies man and has been with many married women the plan that Sophia has in store for him puts him in new territory.  Very delicious and tantalizing story, if you are looking for that quick just before bed book I suggest you grab this one.  Of course I cannot guarantee you will not be heading for the shower or reaching for your significant other by the time you finish reading it.  I look forward to Ms. Ellis’ next foray into her Romps and Rakehells series.

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