Monday, August 27, 2012

Review: Kiss of Steel by Bec McMaster

Kiss of Steel

by: Bec McMaster
$6.99 mass market paperback
Sourcebooks Casablanca
Historical Romance / Steampunk
Released: September 2012

Ever since the death of her father forced Honoria and her siblings into the Whitechapel district, she's struggled to make ends meet.  She's kept her head down, trying to stay out of the way of Blade, the vampire who holds iron control over the rookery where she lives.  When he summons her, she's terrified of what she might find, for the rumors of his cruelty have flown for years.  He offers her protection, but only if she becomes his blood slave.  She reluctantly agrees when she realizes she has no choice.  For there are those in the upper Echelon who would see her dead, and it seems Blade is the only one who can keep her hidden.  But as the days pass, she begins to see the man under the monster.  Now it's not a matter of losing her blood to him, but her heart...

Honoria is just trying to make ends meet for her family since the death of her father.  She's gone hungry to make sure they're fed, and she's trying to keep her head down to avoid the men out to kill her.  She shows amazing courage and resiliance, even after losing everything.  She's scared to death of being a blood meal for a vampire, but overcomes her fright to do what she has to for her family.  Blade's not as evil as the book first portrays him to be, and I was glad to see the kernal of good in him he tries to hide.  I enjoyed this book, and will keep my eyes open for any more Bec McMaster writes.

Carla gives this book a

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