Friday, August 17, 2012

Review: Impenetrable by C.L. Sholey

Impenetrable (New World #3)
by: C.L. Sholey
$4.99 ebook
Torrid Books
Sci-Fi Erotica
Released: August 2012

Kidnapped from Earth, Piper is locked in a lightless room and tortured for what seems like an eternity.  When she's finally rescued, she's not sure if she should be relieved or frightened by the change in captors.  Jago explains that his race has no females, and they've determined that Earth woman are compatible to mate with.  And while Piper's still reeling from that little info timebomb, Jago's leader, Cobra, steps forward and tells her he thinks Jago's too young to have sex (even though Jago is 400 years old) and thinks he should be the one to impregnate her.  All Piper needs to decide is whether or not she should help save a dying race, and which man will become the father of her child. 

Piper gets ripped from her home and tortured, then saved by a huge man who tells her she's his race's last hope of survival.  She's scared spitless, and has to acclimate herself to a new planet, people and their customs.  It's a lot of pressure, but over time she starts to relax and learns to like her new home.  I wasn't horribly disappointed, but I wasn't horribly impressed, either.  It seems like nearly every sci-fi romance I read starts out with the girl getting kidnapped from Earth, and the idea has gotten old.  I liked it, but I doubt I'll read it again.

Carla gives this book a

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