Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Review: Her Wolfen Destiny-Wolfen Prophecy Book 1 by Dakota Trace

Review: Her Wolfen Destiny-Wolfen Prophecy Book 1
Author: Dakota Trace
Publisher: No Boundaries Press Publication
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: EBook
Price: $2.99

Nothing ticks a she-wolf off worse than being rejected by a mate she hand-picked herself. Emma is destined to marry and mate an alpha male by proxy yet his nephew, Braden, came to stand in and got more than he bargained for. Once she decided he would be her mate and bit him to mark him and seal the deal, he was doomed to be hers whether he liked it or not.

Torn between his need to keep her for life and to prove loyalty to his mother’s pack, Braden struggles to keep his distance from Emma but she has ideas of her own. Her father expects her to marry an evil alpha male to connect the two packs but there are dangers afoot.

There is nothing like a woman who knows what she wants. Emma is a strong minded female who takes control. This is an excellent page turner with bold characters and an interesting plot.

Dakota Trace has an amazing mind that weaves ‘tails’ into a plot that will keep you reading. 

Bobbi gives this book

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