Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Review: The Bank Job by Bonni Sansom

Review: The Bank Job
Author: Bonni Sansom
ISBN: 9781614955481
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Genre: Romance, light bondage
Format: EBook
Price: $4.99
Release date: 7-21-12

Jarrod Miller didn't think his life could get any worse. His fiancée cheated on him, his customers at his bank were angry with him for denying them loans and now his back was being robbed. He never expected to meet someone who could heal his broken heart give him a reason to try again.

Kat Anderson struggles to make ends meet after losing her job and now just gets by with her checks as an adult store clerk. She has been hurt by the ones closest to her and now keeps everyone at arm’s length protecting her heart. While depositing her paycheck, she finds herself in the middle of a bank robbery.

Together, Jarrod and Kat stoke the fire that ignites between them. His dominate nature struggles to protect her from her unfiltered mouth long enough to survive the heist and get her in his playroom. First, he has to break through her hardened exterior and steal her heart.

I loved these two. In such an intense situation, they clung to each other...giving and taking from each other to survive more than just the robbery. Ms. Sansom created detailed, multi-layered characters that at their core complimented each other. Their playtimes were intense and sensual as she called him "Sir". Bravo Ms. Sansom...you definitely hit the jackpot with The Bank Job.

Michele gives this book

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