Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ellora's Cave Romanticon October 11th to October 14th

It’s the end of the world as EC knows it
Ellora’s Cave takes on the Mayan Apocalypse for RomantiCon® 2012

What would you wear if it was the last weekend you ever partied? What would you drink, and how much?  What would you tell all of your friends?  What would you Tweet? And if it was your last day on earth, would you spend it with Ellora’s Cave?

RomantiCon® 2012, the annual Romantica® conference held by Ellora’s Cave, asks its authors, readers, and fans to imagine its conference is during the end of the world.  The theme for this year’s RomantiCon®, “Mayan Apocalypto,” focuses on the popular concept that the world will end with the Mayan calendar on Dec. 21, 2012.

The four-day conference will take place at the McKinley Grand Hotel, in Canton, OH, from Thursday, Oct. 11, until Sunday, Oct. 14.
 The entire conference encourages attendees to leave their inhibitions at the door. 

There will be a two-part party during the weekend, and animated costumes and extreme dancing are really encouraged! 

Participants will get a chance to hang loose with some of Ellora’s Cavemen, the chiseled models who fire up the imagination of writers and readers alike.  For those who would rather spend time with the ladies, there will be dance lessons hosted by Cleveland’s Exotic Dance, a studio encouraging inexperienced people to take erotic dance courses. 

Founder Jaid Black started Ellora’s Cave with the philosophy that well behaved women rarely make history. She has been encouraging women to refuse to behave ever since.  Romantica® doesn’t fit in the tight confines of traditional romance genres, and neither does a conference celebrating such a unique group of authors and fans.

Who needs Vegas when the world is going to end anyway? What happens in Canton, stays in Canton. Honorary Cavemen and Cavewomen will have a weekend to remember with the trusted folks from Ellora’s Cave. 

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Company Twitter username: @Ellorascave

RomantiCon website: http://ecromanticon.com/
Ellora’s Cave website: http://www.jasminejade.com/

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