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Review: Safeword: Davenport by Candace Blevins

Review: Safeword: Davenport
Author: Candace Blevins
ISBN: 9781609826604
Publisher: Excessica Publishing
Genre: BDSM Erotica
Format: E-Book
Price: $6.99

Dana sold her lavish home and cut her hair when her husband, Garnet died as a way to separate herself from the woman she used to be and who she could become. Keeping busy as an interior designer, she closed the door on her past and looked to the future.  As she prepared for the first face to face with her latest client, Zachary Irving, a wealthy, electrical pioneer of sorts, she remembered they have a similar past.  Both having lost their spouses within weeks of each other, Dana opted to reinvent her life where Zach chose to only modify his.

They fall into easy conversation touring his home and discussing ideas for the renovations.  But, during the tour Dana notices a certain piece of custom decor and is surprised by what it symbolizes.  A beautiful mahogany bondage bed designed by Frederick, a craftsman that caters to those in the world of kink, sits proudly in the middle of his bedroom.  As they near the end of her walk through of the house, Zach takes her back to a locked room that was initially bypassed and within held a beautiful, fully stocked playroom.

Zach reveals that his wife was also his 24/7 slave and she had designed the whole house top to bottom with minimal help from him.  He boldly asks, “Are you a Domme or a sub, Dana?”  She quickly brushes his comment aside not allowing herself to awaken the part of her that died with Garnet.  She too once belonged to a Master, but he was dead and so was that part of her.

As their contract ends, Zach takes this opportunity to ask Dana on a date, and she quickly declines.  He reveals how he sought out information about her past and knew she was a submissive masochist, and not the only one to have loved and lost.  They continued opening up to each other talking about their wants and needs.  Together, they agree to dinner and a scene in which Zach would top without Dana having to submit.  Dana’s submission lies with Garnet, but bottoming allows her an opportunity to play with Zach.  A wonderful dinner flows into a night of new experiences as Zach explores Dana’s limits and beyond.

Fear grips her heart and fills it with uncertainty causing her to push him away and seek out friends from her past to help her decide what her future holds.  As she heads back to her former club, Dana is armed with friends new and old.  Sir Brett and his submissive, Jacob, welcome her into their lives allowing her to discover another side of her she never knew existed as a Top.  Sir Brett has arranged for a night where pain and please blur for Dana at the hands of Sir Max.  Agreeing to keep Zach informed while she is away to insure her safety, she checks in with him frequently by phone and text.
Zach never expected to find Dana in such a state as he arrives to retrieve her from Brett and Jacobs.  All too quickly new bonds are forged and discoveries are made.

I absolutely loved this story and am happy to have learned it has a sequel, Safeword: Davenport and Chiffon.  The BDSM knowledge that Ms. Blevins weaves into this captivating story is intense and full of wonder.  Electric play and sensory deprivation played out beautifully between Zach and Dana.  This story was an emotional rollercoaster for me as a reader to experience loss and love and exploration vicariously through them.  As two consenting adults, they share beautiful love making and spank-tastic D/s that is only limited by their imagination. Watching Dana so gracefully transition back to her trusting submissive nature and give herself to Zach was an awe inspiring event.  Kudos Ms. Blevins!!

Michele gives this book

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