Friday, July 13, 2012

Review: Night Shade by Jaide Fox

Review: Night Shade
Author: Jaide Fox
ISBN: 978-1-60394-703-9
Publisher: New Concepts Publishing
Genre: Historical Romance
Format: E-Book
Price: $2.99

Bronwyn never expected that her husband would try throwing her off the roof of the castle after the death of their baby. On a cold and blustery night, William tries to pitch her off the castle tower in a bid to make it appear she was a bereaved mother, as his only thought is of money. Little did he know, but someone hears her cry for help. Nightshade, the castles gargoyle had watched Bronwyn from afar but his curse kept him perched, ever vigilant over Raventhorne Keep.

With a past riddled with deception, Nightshade was forever trapped in stone with a life void of love. Saving Bronwyn was never part of the plan, but he could not allow William to murder an innocent, but to do so would reveal himself. Not willing to sit and do nothing, he saves her and exacts retribution in her name. Nightshade returns night after night...drawn to her and Bronwyn feels the pull to him as well. Her payment for saving her night together. But is one night enough for these two? Trying to unravel the curse, Nightshade makes a daring move to reclaim what is his.

Now this was yummy little nugget of history and romance mixed with mystery. The passion was palpable as they surrendered to each other, finally feeling what they had been denied. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story, but only wished it was longer.

Michele gives this book

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