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Interview with author Ann Mayburn w/special guest model John Quinlan

RomFan Reviews would like to thank Ann Mayburn for stopping by to promote her new book, Captive Fantasy, the second installment in the Institute for Women's Sexual Satisfaction series. Ann is a veteran romance writer with many series to her name.  And, I would like to introduce a special guest, John Quinlan, who is the handsome man who dons an orange jumpsuit on the cover of the latest installment of IWSS. John, a former American bodybuilder and fitness, fashion and art model, is accompanying Ann on her blog tours.  We appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedules to talk with us.

Have you always written erotica or when did you transition from vanilla to kink?

From the moment I wrote my first book, Blessed, I was sure I didn't want to write stories where the door closes on the bedroom and we don't know what happens inside. That is lame. ;) [;)] There is so much that happens between two people emotionally involved during sex, especially for women, so to not show that growth and how it changes the relationship just didn't make sex.
As far as kink, one man's kink is another man's vanilla. I try to show that liking kinky things doesn't make you a pervert, it makes you human.

What was your inspiration for IWSS?

My real life friends being paralyzed with embarrassment at the thought of ever talking to their partners about their sexual fantasies. What if I took these everyday men and women and put them into a situation where they had to tell their mate their deepest, darkest secret sexual fantasies. And what if as a reward for their bravery they get to live that fantasy out with their lover?
It is my hope that women will read these stories and find the courage to ask their hunka hunka burning love to indulge their dreams and desires. And if that doesn't work I hope they read a Tales of the IWSS story before bedtime and jump their man. ;) [;)]

Do you feel motivated by fan reviews to strive to outdo yourself with each new book?

Of course! I love love love connecting with my fans. Nothing thrills me more than hearing from them about how book XXX made them laugh and blush. It really is an amazing feeling to know that you are bringing people happiness. For me, that's what writing romance is about, the happily ever after for my characters and my fans.

And now for some Q&A time with our handsome guest, John Quinlan.  John adorns the cover of Captive Fantasy wearing a sexy orange jumpsuit as character Sean.

Was it difficult to evolve into a cover art model from the world of fitness modeling?

It was not difficult in the sense that with both one has to be comfortable with their body. When one does enough photo shoots as I have it becomes second nature to just go out there and do the job. I will say romance cover model is a bit more challenging with a female than in the fitness world in that I have to be a bit erotic with her and if I am lacking confidence the shoot just won’t work so a bit of yes and no there.

Which do you prefer fitness modeling or cover art?

I like them both equally. Naturally fitness related stuff comes naturally to me because that is what I have known all my life but the sense I get when I see the finished proofs of a good romance novel shoot for covers gives me a great feeling of accomplishment. As I have matured as an adult romance is something I now enjoy as if you asked me this 10 years ago I would be like, “romance novel cover…yeah right!”

Have you read any of the books that you adorn the cover of? 

No, ha ha ha! Usually not but sometimes my curiosity gets the best of me and I give and all along I am saying to myself, “if it wasn’t for amazing writers like you, guys like me would never find work.”

Us, here at RomFan would like to thank you both for taking the time away from your families to promote Captive Fantasy and become part of our family. Ann, please continue to write such wickedly sinful stories for your adoring fans. John, we wish you continued success in modeling and body building.  Please come back and visit anytime.  

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