Thursday, June 21, 2012

Review: Mission Menage by Cynthia Sax

Mission Menage

by: Cynthia Sax
$5.60 e-book
Ellora's Cave Publishing
Sci-Fi / Erotica
Released: November 2011

Raylee always plays it safe when it comes to trade routes.  Still haunted by a horrific incident, Raylee has no intention of repeating past mistakes.  As the sole member of her crew, her only companions are the AI that runs her ship, and an android named Sexy.  Sexy is there to meet all her carnal needs, which is a blessing while all alone in space.  When she picks up a job, it seems normal until she realizes a man has stowed away.  She's shocked to discover he's identical in looks to Sexy.  Turns out Vegas was the model for Sexy, and gave Sexy to Raylee to keep her company while he was off serving the Federation.  Raylee is his destined mate, and the chemistry between them is instant and explosive, especially when Sexy joins them in bed.  But Vegas hasn't been fully honest with Raylee.  The cargo she's carrying is part of a dangerous mission Vegas must carry out for the Federation, or all hope is lost for the war.  Can the newfound feelings they have for each other weather this betrayal, or will Vegas lose the woman of his dreams just as he's found her?

I was a bit confused as to why Vegas thinks Raylee belongs to him.  The book almost made it sound like she was his war prize.  The sex scenes were pretty good, especially when all three were involved.  It was a short story, but it almost felt like there was something missing, something to round the story out.  I just finished the book with more questions than answers.

Carla gives this book a

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