Saturday, June 16, 2012

Review: Love Machine by Electra Shepard

Love Machine
by: Electra Shepard
$5.60 e-book
Ellora's Cave Publishing
Sci-Fi / Erotica
Released: April 2012

The "normal" one in her family, Cally spends her days working and her nights out having fun and hooking up with different guys.  She doesn't want the emotional entanglement relationships bring, so she avoids them at all costs.  Unable to find company for the night, she's shocked when Blue, the house robot her father built, offers to bring her sexual release.  Surely that would be okay, right?  Since he's a robot, he doesn't have feelings to get in the way, or so she thinks.  After spending the night getting satisfied over and over again by the robot, she's shocked to discover that Blue has an AI program in him that allows him to process and express human emotions.  As the days pass in unimaginable bliss, Cally starts to develop feelings for the blue robot.  Too bad her father didn't design him with intact male anatomy.  When Blue tells her they can build him a penis, she's thrilled.  Over the weeks as the project progresses, Cally can't imagine going back to boring old humans, and begins to think that maybe something long-term wouldn't be so bad after all.  But how could it ever work out long-term with a robot?

I expected this book to be a steamy, hot and heavy book about a woman who has sex with a robot.  I was wrong.  This was a book that has that, yes, but it also has so much more.  It's about a robot that learns how complex human emotions truly are, and a jaded woman who realizes that an intimate connection with somebody isn't the evil she once thought.  It was a bit technical at times while they were building the penis, which kind of took the sexy out of the scene.  Otherwise, the sex scenes themselves were great, and for a short story it was pretty well rounded and complete.

Carla gives this book a

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