Saturday, June 2, 2012

Review: Hostile Takeover by Joey W. Hill

Hostile Takeover (Knights of the Boardroom series)
by: Joey W. Hill

$9.99 e-book
$18.99 trade paperback
Ellora's Cave Publishing
Contemporary Erotica
Released: January 2012

Ben is a lawyer for K&A Associates, and out of the five Masters that rule the company, he's the last one still single. Marcie has had a crush on Ben since she was sixteen, and knew even then he's the one for her.  When she realizes she's a bone deep submissive, she wants Ben to introduce her to the world, and also be her Master. But Ben has a dark past and his own demons to slay, and is unwilling to risk opening his heart to anyone.

This is my second book in the Knights of the Boardroom series, and I'm even more impressed than I was the first time.  The depth of emotions in these books are amazing.  I've only read a handful of BDSM novels, but I've noticed that each one is less about the sex being performed (which is usually pretty extreme) and more about a Master breaking a submissive down to their core elements, then rebuilding them into a strong, confident person.  In this story, Ben isn't the one chasing Marcie, he's the one being pursued.  This story was intense because both people had to overcome nearly impossible odds in order to pursue a relationship, and you watched as both of them bloomed into the people they were meant to be.  I know some people think it's just about causing pain on others, but I'd tell those people to give this book a try, and see that it's so much more than you expected.  Like I said, I've only read a handful of these stories, but the stories always stay with me for weeks after I read them.  I have a feeling this one will stay with me for a long time, and that is the sign of a truly talented author.

Carla gives this book a

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  1. I'm never disappointed in a Joey W. Hill book. She is, as you said, truly talented. And always on my keeper shelf!