Friday, June 29, 2012

Review: Captive Fantasy by Ann Mayburn

Review: Captive Fantasy
Author: Ann Mayburn
ISBN: 9781476139401
Publisher: Honey Mountain Publishing
Genre: Erotica Romance
Format: E-book
Price: $2.99

After receiving an invitation to the Institute for Women's Sexual Satisfaction, Mary wasn't sure how she was going to convince her husband to go and act out her most inner fantasy.

Sean and Mary had met in college and fell in love. He being the strong football player and her the cheerleader. He stayed fit by coaching football and that just fueled Mary's hidden desire even more. Sean however was a gentle giant and not an aggressive lover, but Mary soon had plans to change that. The concept was to act out your more secret fantasy privately in a controlled setting for the sake of research. Her fantasy involved being kidnapped and made to submit to a sexy escaped convict....aka Sean. With much discussion, Sean's only request... make a list of her limits and the rest was up to his imagination. Searching the internet for ideas on BDSM sites, he was armed with an arsenal of ideas and Mary was his target.

This was such a naughty little nugget to sink my teeth into and devour quickly in 55 pages. Sean and Mary could easily be your next door neighbor, but behind closed doors we all have fantasies and desires. That was one reason I loved this book. Sean's concerns were very real for most husbands, but once his inner convict escaped Mary went willing.
Ann did a wonderful job relaying the emotions of the average couple and how sometimes, just when we think we know someone, they surprise us. I was happy to see that this is part of a series and am sure Ann won't disappoint her followers.

Michele gives this book

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