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Interview with erotica author Bianca Sommerland

RomFan would like to welcome erotica author Bianca Sommerland.  It is a pleasure to have you join us Bianca and we see you brought a special guest with you.  

Questions for Bianca....

* I understand that you are an avid hockey fan. How did you decide to combine two of your favorite topics and come up with the Dartmouth Cobra's?  I love how they all are involved in the lifestyle in one way or another.

Probably sounds a bit crazy, but I never get to decide what I'm going to write. My muse just points me in the direction he wants me to go. I was a little surprised that he pointed me in a direction that wasn't as dark as my previous books, but I was so excited about it I just immersed myself in getting to know the characters and letting them tell me their story. 

*Tell us about the newest installment of the Cobra Series?

 This story is all about Silver Delgado, Hollywood diva and renowned playgirl, taking over the Dartmouth Cobra hockey team—despite knowing nothing about hockey. And even less about BDSM. Most owners are happy to let the general manager run the show, but Silver wants to make an impact to prove herself to her father, which gets her in a whole lot of trouble. Dean Richter, the GM, who should have full control of the team, has to work very hard to keep her from making a mess of things. His drawn to her submissive side, but also has to accept that she's a very independent woman with a lot to offer both him and the team.

Then there's Landon, and this story is about him almost as much as it's about Silver. His past makes him feel like he has very little to offer besides his skills as a goalie, but he knows he can be the friend Silver so desperately needs. He hangs onto that even after he starts falling for her and I spent most of the book just wanting to hug him. He's such a good guy and he really deserves a woman who can show him what he's worth. Thankfully, Silver ended up being exactly what he needed.

I really do enjoy happily ever afters, and this book gave me the best one I think I have ever had the privilege to write J

* I am very interested in hearing how you came up with Silver's special "predicament bondage" scene with Landon and Dean?  It sounded sinfully delicious ;)

 Oh, Landon is just so creative! Lol! I was doing research on bondage, trying to spark my muse, and came across predicament bondage, which I'd heard of before but never really looked into. None of the suggestions I came across fit just right, but then Landon spoke up and said 'I have an idea'. Since Silver is so proud of her blow job skills, to the point where she pretty much uses it to take control of a scene, arranging things to take that control away was perfect. She couldn't lock herself away in her head and just got through the motions. She was present through it all.

* A little birdie shared a spoiler regarding who your next installment of the Cobra series will revolve around.  Would you care to share any details with you adoring fans?

 I don't want to give away too much, but I know how much the fans LOVE Carter, so I will tell you he is one of the main characters. Our heroine will be none other than Jami Richter, and I'm sure you can guess that her father will not be thrilled about her getting involved with ANY of the players, never mind the cocky agitator. Since both Jami and Carter have a wild streak, they'll need someone to keep them in line, which will be none other than Sebastian Ramos, Silver's original 'Uber Dom'. If you follow me on Facebook, you'll see that I regularly share little sneak peeks and teasers about the plot ;)

* Do you plan on updating your Collateral Damage series soon?  Please don't recommend a visit from Cyrus for this sassy sub again...he makes me nervous and not in a good way.

 LOL! Yes, the last installment to the Deadly Captive trilogy should be coming soon. I explained in a blog post recently that writing that series requires me to get into a very different headspace than with anything else I write, and so long as my muse was content writing the Cobras, I was perfectly happy to avoid going to that dark place. But my muse threw another idea at me for a standalone novel, Toile, which requires me to ease myself back to the dark side. I think he's preparing me and I've had some glimpses into the last Deadly Captive book. In Cyrus' POV.

I'm predicting a release by the end of the year. Toile will be coming out this summer and the 3rd Cobra book in late August or early September. 

Now on to our other special guest!!
Questions for Dean Richter....

I would like to thank Dean for taking time away from his busy schedule with the Cobra's and the upcoming baby to allow me an opportunity to interview him. Thank you Sir.

 You're very welcome. Little one.

* Do you agree with the on ice rivalry with the Sabre's is a good publicity angle to increase interest in the team?

 I wouldn't say 'a good publicity angle', because hockey fans can see through staged rivalries. However, the extra tension between teams who have an intense dislike for one another vibrates off the ice and the fans can feel it. It gets them more invested in the game, which, from a business standpoint, is always a good thing.

* Women love a man who can cook. What is your favorite dish to prepare?

 I find cooking very relaxing and it pleases me to see those I love enjoying something I've made. As for my favorite dish to prepare, it depends on the season. During the colder months, a nice hearty beef stew is both my favorite thing to eat and make, with some homemade bread on the side. During the summer, fried chicken with potato salad. 

*After what happened with Luke and Silver at the club, do you think he will be able to overcome his fears and try again with a newbie with Chicklet monitoring?

 I'd personally advise against Luke exploring any further with a sub who isn't experienced. But I will trust Chicklet to handle him at the club. I try to avoid getting too involved with the players personal lives.  

* Do you think Silver will ever stop and think before she calls you another name? I think she does it intentionally because she loves your spankings, Sir :)

 Oh, she is learning to hold her tongue to some extent. I can see when a sub enjoys spankings too much for it to be an effective punishment. She does slip up when we but heads over matters concerning the team, but—and please don't repeat this—I do let it slide at times because I enjoy seeing her so passionate about something we both love.

* Was it difficult to put your feelings aside and not make Silver choose between you and Landon?

 No. I love Silver, and once I was assured that she needed me in her life as much as she needed Landon, I was quite pleased by how it all worked out. It was easier for me than it was for Landon because I grew up seeing how a polygamous household can function. He had a more traditional upbringing, but he is a Dom and seeing a subs needs met is deeply engraved in him. Much more important than hanging on to anything so petty as jealousy.

* Did you ever think you would be involved in a polyamorous relationship?

Honestly, I wasn't too keen on being in any relationship after my divorce. And certainly not one as potentially complicated as a polyamorous one. But as I mentioned earlier, I grew up seeing that people can fall in love with more than one person. I have no interest in adding another woman to the mix though. Things between Landon, Silver, and myself feel complete.

* Does jealousy ever arise between you and Landon?  

**laugh** Not jealousy, but there are other issues. We don't always agree on how to handle Silver. Landon tends to go from being too lax, to too strict. But we've both accepted that our relationships with Silver are a bit different, we respect each other, and we discuss our problems like adults. 

* What is your favorite punishment for Silver?  I thought kneeling on uncooked rice was ingenious. It would make me think twice before I sassed you if you were my Master.... Well long as I got a reward for being a good girl ;) 

My favorite punishment, at the moment, is having Silver write lines. It's such a mundane task it bores her to tears and keeps her on her best behavior for quite awhile. The rice is one of my favorite punishments, but circumstances required punishments that are less of a physical strain for awhile and kneeling for any amount of time right now is out of the question. Silver knows that the punishment is still in my repertoire for a later date and I imagine she'll be very careful to make sure I don't feel the need to use it again.

I would like to thank both of you for taking time away from work and family to visit our site and promote the Cobra's latest installment, Defensive Zone

You're very welcome, and thank you so much for having us! The questions were tons of fun!

As a special treat, since you brought up the predicament bondage, I've decided to share the scene with your readers!
Landon undid one side of the rope and helped her sit up.
Dean traced her bottom lip with his thumb. "Yellow or Red, pet?"
"Re—" She shook her head and swallowed. "Yellow. I don't think I can do this."
"Why not? Are you having trouble breathing?"
Nodding, Dean touched her cheek and smiled. "You were scared and panicked a bit. This is called predicament bondage. I've never seen it done quite like this, but it's fucking hot. I think you'll enjoy being trapped, pleasuring me, while Landon plays with you. Shall we try again?"
I don't want to. She pursed her lips and glanced from him to Landon. Their expressions were unreadable. She could either give in or refuse. If she refused, well, she doubted there would be any consequences. But she would miss out on whatever they had planned.
Mentally putting herself back in that position, trapped, available, her focus entirely on her body between both men . . . . Maybe she could do this after all.
"Okay." She smiled at Dean, but gave Landon a dirty look. "I don't suppose you could loosen the clamps, Sir?"
"Mon petit chaton, if they were too tight, you wouldn't be giving me that look. You'd be crying and begging." He cocked his head and gave the rope a sharp tug. Pain flared out and she squeaked. And the crazy man grinned. "Not even a whimper. I'd test your limits a little more if you weren't so new, but I think this will do for today."
"You make pond scum look good, you know that? I—" She stopped talking when Dean took hold of her jaw. "Umm . . . ."
"Yes. Umm." Dean frowned. "You know better. Apologize."
"I'm sorry." She rolled her eyes. "Sir."
Dean tapped her cheek. Very lightly, but it still surprised her. Her head snapped right out of the defiant mode and she gazed up at Dean with her lips slightly parted.
His lips quirked. "Don't think I forgot you telling Carter to slap you. Don't ever expect me to hit you as hard as he did—in the face anyway—but I do believe a love tap will get you into the right head space quite efficiently."
"Yes, Sir." Her eyes were teary again, but something about it was almost refreshing. She could finally let go. She sucked on her bottom lip and turned to Landon. "I really am sorry."
"Good girl." He smiled and took a knee, kissing her long and hard. "I know this isn't easy. But I promise, it will be worth it."
He maneuvered her back over Dean's cock and she stayed in position as he reattached the rope to the clamp. And this time she didn't go for cock-sucking pro. She simply let Dean inside without resistance.
Behind her, Landon lifted her skirt. Her insides clenched as his fingers slipped inside her pussy. His thumb passed over her clit and her body jerked at the shock of pleasure. White hot pain glazed her nerves as her breasts swung. His free hand spread her ass cheeks and she winced as he pressed on a sore spot. Saliva gathered in her mouth and she did her best to gulp around the dick in her mouth.
Another finger, wet with her own juices, pushed into her back hole. Once it was fully inserted, Landon placed his knees between hers and opened her thighs. And thrust his fingers into her pussy and her ass all at once.
Erotic sparks lit within as he fucked her with his fingers, moving her over Dean at his own pace, giving her no choice but to receive them both. They rocked together, back and forth, a little faster, a little rougher, lost to passion. Dean groaned as her chin bumped his balls and gathered her hair in his hands as his dick swelled. He came in her throat in hot spurts. Landon bent down and bit her ass cheek right over a welt. The sharp sensation wound with everything pitched her into a violent orgasm. Ecstasy shredded her into a million pieces. She forgot about the strings and threw her head back to scream. Agony burst through her breasts.
* * * *
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