Friday, June 29, 2012

Review: A Thug's Love by BL Bonita

Review: A Thug's Love
Author: BL Bonita
ISBN: 978-1-61160-411-5
Publisher: Torrid Books
Genre: Contemporary Erotica
Format: E-Book
Price: $2.99
Release Date: July 15, 2012

Chase Carter never expected to find Sam, the daughter of the local gangster Vinny, tied to the bed of Eddie, the low life that owed him money.  Chase worked for Vinny as his strong arm and had secretly loved Sam for years.  With a quick escape and an intense car chase, Chase and Sam seek refuge at his private hideaway, but end up baring their souls. 

Sam never knew Chase secretly adored her and protected her from the dangers of her father’s world. The danger they thought they had outrun found them and jeopardized their new found connection. Chases’ innate skills would not allow them to harm the woman he just opened his heart to.

A 36 page intensely written story left me wishing for more.  Chase is a multifaceted character that left me wishing I was Sam.  The author’s honest depiction of organized crime added another level to the love story that was Chase and Sam.

Michele gives this book

Review: Marry Me by Karen Stivali

Review: Marry Me
Author: Karen Stivali
ISBN: 9781419937897
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: E-Book
Price: $5.20

Ben Davis, drummer of one of Britain’s most popular bands, never thought he would find love again after losing his wife and childhood love.  Until Julia Jones, rising designer landed the job of outfitting Ben’s band with tailored suits for the kickoff of their Northeast tour. 

Smitten from their first meeting, Ben regularly asks Julia to marry him and she politely declines.  Julia finally caves under his relentless pursuit and can’t believe she denied him for so long.  Each with a past that made them who they were, Ben and Julia tend to their beautiful romance with patience, consideration and understanding.

I fell in love with these two. Ben knew the meaning of loss and cherished Julia, all the while stoking the flame of their desire.  Their love is so beautiful and tangible. It gives you hope that love like theirs is possible.  Not to mention the intimacy between Ben and Julia smoldered to ignition and swept like wildfire.

Michele gives this book

Review: Scored by Lily Harlem

Review: Scored
Author: Lily Harlem
Publisher: Indi-Pub
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: E-Book
Price: $3.99

Nicky Thomas is a female sports reporter for Kick Magazine and has been given the chance of a lifetime. Following the English football (soccer) team as it battles for the European Cup, she will also follow Lewis Tate, captain of the team. He is England's golden boy and beyond sexy.

Coach Fellows has strict rules for his team when they travel, especially with The Cup in the balance. No women are allowed to distract the men as they focus on winning, so when Nicky shows up at the first press conference coach ignores her. So when her outspoken nature gets her noticed by coach and Lewis, Nicky jumps at the opportunity.

After a series of hurdles meant to keep them apart, Nicky and Lewis find each other rooming across the hall from each other. They share casual words and long looks until fate throws them together, but no one can know until after the final game.

I loved the detail given to the aspect of the game. Lily definitely showed her love for the game and made me feel like I was right there watching the game. The romance between Nicky and Lewis was smoldering and when fanned with enough room to breathe it combusted.

Michele gives this book

Review: Captive Fantasy by Ann Mayburn

Review: Captive Fantasy
Author: Ann Mayburn
ISBN: 9781476139401
Publisher: Honey Mountain Publishing
Genre: Erotica Romance
Format: E-book
Price: $2.99

After receiving an invitation to the Institute for Women's Sexual Satisfaction, Mary wasn't sure how she was going to convince her husband to go and act out her most inner fantasy.

Sean and Mary had met in college and fell in love. He being the strong football player and her the cheerleader. He stayed fit by coaching football and that just fueled Mary's hidden desire even more. Sean however was a gentle giant and not an aggressive lover, but Mary soon had plans to change that. The concept was to act out your more secret fantasy privately in a controlled setting for the sake of research. Her fantasy involved being kidnapped and made to submit to a sexy escaped convict....aka Sean. With much discussion, Sean's only request... make a list of her limits and the rest was up to his imagination. Searching the internet for ideas on BDSM sites, he was armed with an arsenal of ideas and Mary was his target.

This was such a naughty little nugget to sink my teeth into and devour quickly in 55 pages. Sean and Mary could easily be your next door neighbor, but behind closed doors we all have fantasies and desires. That was one reason I loved this book. Sean's concerns were very real for most husbands, but once his inner convict escaped Mary went willing.
Ann did a wonderful job relaying the emotions of the average couple and how sometimes, just when we think we know someone, they surprise us. I was happy to see that this is part of a series and am sure Ann won't disappoint her followers.

Michele gives this book

Review: Before the Morning-Corpus Brides Book 2 by Zee Monodee

Review: Before the Morning-Corpus Brides Book 2
Author: Zee Monodee
ISBN: 978-1-60592-404-5
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Suspense
Format: E-Book
Price: $5.95

Secrets are deadly. When Rayne meets and marries her childhood sweetheart, being reunited after 17 years, danger abounds. She’s a hired assassin and spy for a covert agency that send her on the most dangerous missions. During her last job, under the cover name, Irina, she sees Ash Gilfoy and has to pretend she doesn’t know him. With sociopathic tendencies, Rayne must kill two men, without leaving any trace, and run. However, Ash is sure she is the girl next door he grew up with.

Rayne’s codename is Kali and unknown forces are out to get her. As Irina, she appears to be a rich woman who is beaten by her husband, though it’s all an act. Confused, Ash heads home only to find Rayne has returned.

Ash left the police force and became a paramedic, a dark secret driving him. Rayne has many secrets as well. Will the secrets destroy them both?

Zee Monodee is an author with a great sense of plot and characters that are alive and exciting.

Bobbi gives this book

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Review: Intimate Enemy by Jocelyn Modo

Intimate Enemy

by: Jocelyn Modo
$5.60 ebook
Ellora's Cave Publishing
Sci-Fi Erotica
Released: June 2012

Fleeing from her father and the arranged marriage she knows she won't survive, Azure's only hope is to find a man rumored to help women start a new life.  Arriving at the space station, she's stunned to realize her Intimate is here, the one man destined to complete her body, mind and spirit.  Scared, she tries to keep her distance.  She doesn't want any man to own her and hurt her, even if this one makes her body and soul yearn for him.  When they run into each other, they fall into bed, neither able to resist the mystic pull of fate.  But can Azure trust this man she just met with her heart, and more importantly, will he give her the freedom she so desperately wants?

Lone is wandering through the space station when he feels her.  The one woman destined to be his.  But a betrayal by a woman who should have loved him makes him unwilling to open his heart to anyone.  That is, until he meets her.  The chemistry is instant, and he wonders how he's lived without her all this time.  And when he finds out what kind of trouble she's in, he's more than willing to help her.  He knows she wants her freedom, but now that he's found his Intimate, there's no way he can ever let her go.

An Intimate is the equivalent to a soul mate, the one person who's supposed to be perfect for you.  It's an interesting concept, especially when you throw two people together who are destined to be, but want nothing to do with each other.  Add a crazy psychopathic father and lots of hot sex, and you get this book.  I would have liked to see this book a little longer.  I'm also hoping she writes more in this series.  There were enough side characters in the story to make it feasible.

Carla gives this book a

Review: Angel Betrayed by Cynthia Eden

Angel Betrayed (Fallen #2)

by: Cynthia Eden
$14.00 trade paperback
Kensington Brava
Paranormal Erotica
Released: June 2012

Sammael used to be an Angel of Death.  Now he's fallen, no longer forced to watch as innocent souls were slaughtered by evil.  Now he can dole out his own form of punishment.  For centuries, he's enjoyed what he does.  When a scared woman comes to him for protection, claiming he owes her a favor, he agrees to help, thinking it will just be another job.  As a fallen, he can feel emotions, but the lust and yearning he feels while around this beauty stun him.  He refuses to let himself get drawn in, distrustful of his feelings for her.  When he realizes who and what is chasing her, he realizes it's about to get a lot more interesting than he thought.

Seline is on the run from the monsters out to kill her.  Turning to Sammael for help is her only option.  Even though the sight of him sets her blood on fire, she knows he's the only one skilled enough to keep her alive.  Trying to keep her distance from him will be difficult, but she can't afford to get close to him.  She also can't afford for him to find out the dark secret about her, one that will turn him into her enemy if he ever finds out.

This is book two in the series.  While I didn't have any problems reading it, there were mentions to I'm guessing what happened in book one, so I'd recommend starting there first.  This was a fantastic story.  It has danger, intrigue, adventure, mystery, lust, and sex.  All the ingredients necessary for a great book.  I've read several books about fallen angels, and this was one of the better ones.  This book kept me turning the pages, wondering what bad guy was going to show up next and ruin everything.  It was a great story, and I look forward to reading book three when it comes out later this year. 

Carla gives this book a

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Review: Mission Menage by Cynthia Sax

Mission Menage

by: Cynthia Sax
$5.60 e-book
Ellora's Cave Publishing
Sci-Fi / Erotica
Released: November 2011

Raylee always plays it safe when it comes to trade routes.  Still haunted by a horrific incident, Raylee has no intention of repeating past mistakes.  As the sole member of her crew, her only companions are the AI that runs her ship, and an android named Sexy.  Sexy is there to meet all her carnal needs, which is a blessing while all alone in space.  When she picks up a job, it seems normal until she realizes a man has stowed away.  She's shocked to discover he's identical in looks to Sexy.  Turns out Vegas was the model for Sexy, and gave Sexy to Raylee to keep her company while he was off serving the Federation.  Raylee is his destined mate, and the chemistry between them is instant and explosive, especially when Sexy joins them in bed.  But Vegas hasn't been fully honest with Raylee.  The cargo she's carrying is part of a dangerous mission Vegas must carry out for the Federation, or all hope is lost for the war.  Can the newfound feelings they have for each other weather this betrayal, or will Vegas lose the woman of his dreams just as he's found her?

I was a bit confused as to why Vegas thinks Raylee belongs to him.  The book almost made it sound like she was his war prize.  The sex scenes were pretty good, especially when all three were involved.  It was a short story, but it almost felt like there was something missing, something to round the story out.  I just finished the book with more questions than answers.

Carla gives this book a

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Review: Love Machine by Electra Shepard

Love Machine
by: Electra Shepard
$5.60 e-book
Ellora's Cave Publishing
Sci-Fi / Erotica
Released: April 2012

The "normal" one in her family, Cally spends her days working and her nights out having fun and hooking up with different guys.  She doesn't want the emotional entanglement relationships bring, so she avoids them at all costs.  Unable to find company for the night, she's shocked when Blue, the house robot her father built, offers to bring her sexual release.  Surely that would be okay, right?  Since he's a robot, he doesn't have feelings to get in the way, or so she thinks.  After spending the night getting satisfied over and over again by the robot, she's shocked to discover that Blue has an AI program in him that allows him to process and express human emotions.  As the days pass in unimaginable bliss, Cally starts to develop feelings for the blue robot.  Too bad her father didn't design him with intact male anatomy.  When Blue tells her they can build him a penis, she's thrilled.  Over the weeks as the project progresses, Cally can't imagine going back to boring old humans, and begins to think that maybe something long-term wouldn't be so bad after all.  But how could it ever work out long-term with a robot?

I expected this book to be a steamy, hot and heavy book about a woman who has sex with a robot.  I was wrong.  This was a book that has that, yes, but it also has so much more.  It's about a robot that learns how complex human emotions truly are, and a jaded woman who realizes that an intimate connection with somebody isn't the evil she once thought.  It was a bit technical at times while they were building the penis, which kind of took the sexy out of the scene.  Otherwise, the sex scenes themselves were great, and for a short story it was pretty well rounded and complete.

Carla gives this book a