Friday, May 4, 2012

Review: Red Hunger by Crystal Kauffman

Red Hunger (Night Squad #1)
by: Crystal Kauffman
$5.60 e-book
Ellora's Cave Publishing
Paranormal Erotica
Released: November 2011

Living in a small town has taught Vince to keep his sexual preferences to himself.  But oh, it's hard to pretend indefference when Jas walks in.  Vince thinks Jas is a trucked just passing though the bar, but finds out Jas is part of an elite task force connected to the CIA made up of vampires.  Jas needs his help in tracking down a local drug kingpin.  Figuring he won't survive the sting, he throws caution to the wind and takes the sexy vampire to bed.  But as the weeks go by, Vince starts to feel more than lust towards Jas.  Will he be able to make it through the sting with his heart intact? 

I don't read gay erotica very often, but this one was done exceptionally well.  I would have enjoyed seeing the story a bit longer, but other than that I liked seeing the interaction between Jas and Vince, and the feelings and emotions they went through regarding each other.  A bit of action, a bit of sex, and a bit of character development came together to make this a well written story.

Carla gives this book a

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