Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Review: Raising the Devil by Diana Thorn

Review: Raising the Devil
Author: Diana Thorn
ISBN: 9781419934520
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Historical Erotica
Format: E-Book
Price: $2.49

Stephen Fessingdon met his wife, Catherine, under unusual circumstances. Sharing a striking resemblance to a town whore, Mistress R, he quickly fell in love and married. As their friends married and filled their homes with children, their house was void of children. Desperately wanting to give his wife what he had not been able to, Stephen devised a plan.

Arranging a gang bang with his wife posing as Mistress R, Stephen invites his closest friends to have sex with his wife in hopes a child would be conceived. In the past, Stephen and his friends dabbled in demon rituals when they would share women. He assured Catherine that it was just for show. The night arrives and wickedly delicious fun is had by all including an unannounced visitor promising her heart’s desire.

The drive to have a child can be consuming causing people to do things they normally would not do. Stephen and Catherine's love for each other is obvious from the beginning, and his constant protective nature during the party was deep and heartfelt. I enjoyed the quick read with a gasp at the end.

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