Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Review: Kiss Across Swords by Teal Ceagh

Review: Kiss Across Swords
Author: Teal Ceagh
ISBN: 9781419931895
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Paranormal Time Travel Erotica
Format: E-Book
Price: $6.99

With three star-crossed lovers traveling over time and back again, it’s hard for them to prevent changing the world in present day. One wrong word or action and everything can alter the future.
Human Taylor Yates is in love with both her hunky men, Brody and Veris. The only problem is that they are century old vampires and Veris refuses to sire her as a vampiress. She fears growing old or dying without them.
Together Brody and Taylor jump back hundreds of years to medieval times to convince Veris to stay with them for all eternity but he doesn’t know them and refuses to be seduced by Taylor. The time period is when the two men meet for the first time and Veris doesn’t know them making it difficult to convince him of their love.
Travel to another time with these three characters and enjoy the ride.

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